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Aug 23, 2012 09:04 PM

Best West Valley Sushi

I am so sorry to ask this, as I feel strongly that if I knew where to look I could find the thread! But there are so many sushi spots, (including of course "The Sushi Spot) in the West Valley, and I would really love to hear what is good now. We live in Woodland Hills, and are big Sushi fans, but have expensive tastes and haven't been out for a meal together for a while. I am not terribly interested in "roll" restaurants, or places known more for their portion sizes than the quality of their fish. And I would prefer somewhere a little less expensive than Icki. In the past our favorites were Shibuya and Brothers. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. We prefer Little Brother's over Brother's. There's also Go's Market, which has excellent sushi, but there's no ambiance and and it's pricy. We like Omino in Chatsworth, and I've heard good things about Honshu Sushi as well.

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      I meant Go's Mart. My spellcheck changed my mistype into Market. Either way, his sushi is excellent!

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        dang, and why do you guys have to keep mentioning my favorite place ???

        thanks, thanks a lot. :(

        now the prices will even more soar to the rafters and i won't be able to garner a seat.

    2. Go's Mart in Canoga is a very high-end sushi spot in a strip mall space that doubles as a video store. It is very expensive, but the fish is great. I do find their preparations can be a little fussy, with too much sauce.

      In Tarzana, if you want top-notch nigiri or sashimi, Sushi Iki is a great option. (That may not be "West" Valley enough for you.,) The slices are excellent and large, but pricey. And a lot of the options are only available in "live" preparations that are very expensive.

      For a good-quality, neighborhood place, I really like Sushi Ichiban Kan on Ventura by Corbin. They do a lot of "rolls" but their nigiri is very good.

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        no more videos, sadly or appropriately, depending on your perspecive though they still carry some candies and imported chocolate bars.

        1. You might like Hanami Sushi in the strip mall with Albertson's at the Malibu Canyon exit off the 101.
          You can request traditional sushi there which is excellent; they offer an extensive variety as well. Of particular note is their Tai -- and pretty much every other kind of white (color) fish that they have!

          The multiple blackboards on the wall display other Japanese orders, so you can mix it up with other creative items.

          Hamani is very pretty and clean inside, but not at all stuffy. It is not inexpensive, but less than you might spend at Go's or Iki.

          Hanami Sushi
          26527 Agoura Road

          1. My fave is Tatsuki. It's a tiny hole in the wall ( it consists of a small bar and three tables) on Ventura just a block or two west of Brothers.