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Aug 23, 2012 09:03 PM

New Orleans 2011 Top Restaurants

I'm going for the first time to NO in September and was looking at their local newspaper online and they had several lists (for each year dating back to 2003) of the top rated restaurants. Restaurant August will be closed during my visit (rather disappointing actually) but they included the following restaurants in 2011...
La Petite Grocery
Restaurant August

I'm already planing on going to Cochon for lunch and am looking for more lunch places...would you suggest any from the list above? Also I've heard good and bad about Willie Mae’s Scotch House having great batter but overcooked chicken. Should I skip it?

Thank you for your thoughts!

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    1. I think you could probably get a concensus (although not full agreement) on the top 20 restaurants in town. You would get no agreement on their order, unless it was alphabetical.

      That said I think almost every one above, plus CP, would be somewhere in the top 20.

      While I like fried chicken I don't think that I'd go to any major restaurant city and track down fried chicken over other choices.

      1. I'd add Brigtsen's to your list of upper echelon places. I can't imagine a trip to NO without a visit.

        1. CP for lunch m-f in the garden room. Emeril's is best for dinner however,,m-f they have a 3 course lunch special around $20. Domenica has a daily HH3-6. 1/2 price pizza, wine, beer, well drinks. Patois serves lunch Fri. Don't miss their gnocchi. Herbsaint for dinner rather than lunch. R'evolution has not been open long thus it will not be on any list. It definitely ranks among the best. It should not be missed nor should GW Fins. The crabcake, sizzling, cold smoked oysters and Scalibut with lobster risotto are stellar.