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Aug 23, 2012 08:35 PM

new Indian Restaurant coming soon to old Ezell's in Lynnwood

sign went up about 4 weeks ago. outside of the building is painted.

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  1. I live about 1/2 mile away and can't wait till it opens, though I'm trying to temper my expectations.

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    1. re: Seattlecubsfan

      do you remember that little indian restaurant where the pho place is now, in the strip mall alongside the asian wok and the taqueria?they didn't last very long. what did you think it? i think it was called the moghul palace?

      1. re: ritabwh

        I think I went there once, and it was fine. Nothing remarkable, but not awful either. It was owned by the same family that owns one in a food court in downtown Seattle (Columbia Tower, I think).

      2. re: Seattlecubsfan

        i am pretty much a novice to indian cusine, so i am looking forward to a restaurant so close to home, from where i hope i can learn more about the variou indian dishes.

      3. That building doesn't have much sit down space, does it? Is the area ready for takeout/delivery Indian? San Fernados Peruvian is basically takeout. There used to be a Cuban/Mexican place among the furniture stores in Lynnwood that was mostly delivery.

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        1. re: paulj

          paul, now that you mention it, the space inside the old ezell's was very similar in size to san fernandos, as well as the layout.
          L shaped. the long side of the L was at the left. if i recall square footage within the L is pretty darned close to san fernandos. ezell's kitchen seemed awfully big to me,but then, what do i know?
          i really hope it is not going to be a take-out restaurant, as i hope to become a "regular" and have the staff educate me on indian cuisine

          1. re: ritabwh

            I don't think that Ezell's used the space very well, so I'm hopeful that this place will do it better. The good news: I don't think there's room for the typical Indian lunch buffet, so they may have to rely on actually serving food off the menu! :)

            1. re: Seattlecubsfan

              it's open. today, 11/26.
              this is the second location of the Royal India in kirkland. the gentleman who waited on me is "part owner" and told me they opened here because many of the kirkland customers were from this area. i had a potato samosa, spinach stuffed naan, and a beef kebab. all were freshly made and piping hot accompanied by cilantro chutney with a dash of tamarind sauce. there was a small buffet that looked a bit tired at 3 pm when i was there. standard stuff like chicken curry, saag paneer, saffron rice, rice with peas, cauliflower etc. the menu was large. it was alot more appealing than the buffet.
              the interior has been painted, the floor is carpeted, curtains on the windows and indian art on the walls. a far cry from the old greasy ezell's ambiance.
              anyway, i live very close by. so i will be there often to see if i can learn more about indian cuisine. the gentleman patiently answered all my questions and i told him i was interested in learning about "off -menu" indian food.
              i consider myself a novice when it comes to indian cuisine, but i like what i had today.

              1. re: ritabwh

                Excellent news!! I live close by as well, and as luck would have it I'm working from home today. I think my wife and I will go try it out for lunch.

                1. re: Seattlecubsfan

                  please report back on your lunch! i drove by a bit past noon today and the parking lot was full.

                  1. re: ritabwh

                    @ seattlecubsfan, did you hate it? i liked what i had, althought i admit the food was not very spicy.

                    1. re: ritabwh

                      Rita, it was good. I love Indian food, but I don't consider myself an expert, so couldn't really say if it was good/excellent/outstanding. My wife and I ate off the buffet, and I was quite pleased with everything we ate. It seems pretty similar to Cafe India on 44th in Lynnwood, and much better than the Indian restaurant that used to be where Demetris is now by the ferry landing. (We haven't been to the new-ish Indian restaurant down by the water in Edmonds; friends of ours have said it's not good.)

                      We'll go back for dinner and order off the menu; that should give us a better picture of the food.

                      The place itself looks great, and it was packed at lunch time.