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Aug 23, 2012 08:20 PM

Potential Culinary Itinerary

We'll be visiting Labor Day weekend, staying at the Hotel Modern so we have great access to both the Garden District and French Quarter. We'll have Saturday and Sunday all day, plus half of Monday before we have to head to the airport. We are planning to have a night on Bourbon St (probably 2 to be honest), and another on Frenchmen St, with a full day in the FQ and another in the Garden District.
This will be my fourth visit, and my husband's second. The couple we are going with has never been, so I want them to have the best experience possible, both from a sightseeing aspect as well as the culinary and cocktail aspect. For the cocktail aspect I have booked a walking tour through Grayline Tours – something I have taken twice already and have found to be useful when it comes to considering places for dinner afterwards.
While Gumbo Shop is my favorite place to stop every time I come to New Orleans (I love their sampler), I am open to branching out. I saw that Coops Place and Acme both offer a sampler, which I have found is a cost-efficient way to get a taste of a lot of things that are "New Orleans"
I have had both Arnaud’s & Antoine’s on my list since my last trip, and see that Arnaud’s had a tapas menu in their French 75 bar. Boudin wontons just sound amazing!
I see Court of Two Sisters isn't too popular around here, and having eaten there I could forego it, but my hubby has put this on his "have to eat at" list this trip so I am kind of at a loss unless I can convince him otherwise. I’d prefer to try Stanley for brunch.

Also if anyone has some insight to Southern Decadence, I'd love to hear it. I didn't realize it was the same weekend til after we booked, but I am looking forward to being in the middle of it.

Our must-haves for this trip
Muffalettas (and maybe po’ boys)
Sampler of traditional New Orleans Fare (jambalaya, gumbo, red beans & rice and/or creole)
Budget Friendly and not too formal
I'd love to find good BBQ Shrimp

Bars we are definitely hitting up
Carousel Bar
Harry’s Corner
Pat O’s
Lafittes Blacksmith Shop
Bellocq (at our hotel)
French 75

Our tentative dining schedule (again I am open to suggestions, especially considering we have a few “virgins” with us ;))
Friday - arrive to Hotel Modern (Lee Circle) at 9pm. Bourbon Street night
LATE DINNER - Most likely Tapas @ French 75 Bar. Backups include Gumbo Shop or Acme Oyster House in case we are feeling something a little heavier

LUNCH @ Cochon Butcher, Napoleon House or Central Grocery for Muffalettas
DINNER on Frenchmen St @ Three Muses, Maison or Marigny Brasserie

BRUNCH @ Blue Plate, Commander's Palace or Trolley Stop
DINNER @ Antoines or Mr B's. I would really like to try Oysters Rockefeller at Antoines though!

BREAKFAST @ Court of 2 Sisters (Husband's non-negotiable for the trip. And it's next door to where we have to meet for our cemetery tour that morning)
LATE LUNCH @ TBD (most likely a brunch spot that got nixed earlier on)

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  1. Not a bad list (with C2S being the weakest link. C2S is not bad but just average so it pales against other choices)

    Lunch Saturday might be a good time to get your BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's if the Antoine's oysters win out for Sunday..

    You Sunday brunch choices may be the most amazing spread I've seen here. Talk about comparing truffles, bacon, and oranges! Not dissing it at all. The choice is down to what atmosphere (and cost) you'd want that morning.

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    1. re: collardman

      I was wondering about The Dungeon. I cannot imagine that it has changed much since I last darkened the door (after mindlight of course) but I sure wouldn't just send someone there on their own. Southern Decadence might gin it up even more./

      You're right..that IS a broad range for Sunday.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        LOL Sunday is our "garden district" day so I was going more off location than anything. Commander's is definitely on my list, but depending on what the other couple and my hubs are feeling that day will probably make our decision for us (although collardman, if given the choice, I'd go with Bacon ;)) And I agree with C2S - again that's my husband's call, I wasn't overly impressed when I went...

        The Dungeon is somewhere I have been told to visit, and I just never have. Knowing us, we'll spend a lot of time at Harry's Corner.

        1. re: wendimac22

          Harry's used to be a destination every weekend but I've only been there once since Benny lost the lease, many years ago.

    2. Southern Decadence is fun, like a gay Mardi Gras. It’s toned down a bit over the years, but the parade is a must see. The only mistake was when I brought my 5-year old daugher down there. Apparently a 6’5” black transvestite thought it was a bad idea and he/she continually berated me about it. I would definitely experience a brunch at Commander’s once and this should be your trip to do it. It’s a pretty heavy meal so I would imagine Mr. B’s would be a good choice for BBQ shrimp dinner. Court of 2 Sisters will be a major disappointment after a brunch at Commander’s. It’s the equivalent of going to Olive Garden instead of Bonefish Grill. Cochon Butcher is great and Three Muses will probably give you the best food in the Marigny. Have fun!

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      1. re: shanefink

        Thank you :) Maybe I can push for Commander's over Court of 2 Sisters, then. I would hate to go to have to hear about how my other half wasn't impressed with C2S after visiting Commander's - would make for a long flight home!

        1. re: wendimac22

          I wouldn't waste a meal on a muff. Pick one up at Cental, stick it in your mini frig to take home. They travel well. My preference is CP for lunch in the garden room m-f. Prix fixe plus 25cent martinis. Do not miss dining at R'evolution and GW Fins. Fin's Scalibut with lobster risotto is outstanding as are the crabcakes and sizzling oysters. Both are open 7days. Try Antoine's streetside Hermes Bar. You can order a sampler plate as well as anything off the restaurant menu. Skip Marigny Brasserie. Order a variety of 3 Muses small plates instead. Domenica has a daily HH 3-6. 1/2 price pizza, wine beer, well drinks. Luke's daily HH 3-6. 50 cent oysters, 1/2 price libations (really good French 75). We often hit Luke first then walk over to Domenica. Although it is HH, it's not as cheap as it sounds. The duo usually runs us around $100 ( including generous tips).

          1. re: JazzyB

            Thank you for the insight on the Hermes Bar! I remembered seeing that last time, but couldn't for the life of me remember which restaurant it was associated with. Great way for me to try those oysters without us having to formally go to dinner there.

            We may just forego C2S on Monday and hit up CP after our Cemetery Tour, before we leave town. 25 cent martinis to get me ready for the flight :)

            1. re: wendimac22

              Hermes is a good way to sample the stuff..also have the Oysters Foch. They serve French 75s in a champagne flute nowadays and that is probably enough. They used to come in big iced tea glasses.

              And certainly push Commanders over Court Two Sisters.