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Aug 23, 2012 08:11 PM


My husband and I are visiting Boston (staying on Beacon Hill) from San Francisco for the first time ever starting October 10th for 4 nights. One night we are going to Mistral with friends. What are the other can't-miss places to dine? We love Italian so that has to be on the list. Friends have also recommended No. 9 Park, Neptune Oyster, Sorellina, Antico Forno and Trattoria Toscana. Considering those but want to know what really stands out for first-time visitors. Pre-fixe menus don't interest us.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Craigie on Main is a favorite, especially if you like crispy pig tails. Oleana is wonderful, though the patio may be past. I'm a big fan of Hammersley's for French style bistro.
      When I visit a new area I gravitate toward sfoods I can't get easily here, so if I were visting Boston I'd likely go to Portuguese or Brazilian restaurants. What's your feeling on that train of thought?

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        For me it's good but I have a conservative eater on my hands (my husband). Thanks for the suggestions never know where we'll end up.

      2. If you want to focus on Italian, check out the menus for Coppa, Prezza and Erbaluce. Otherwise, Neptune Oyster or Island Creek Oyster Bar should be on peoples list.

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        1. re: Matt H

          Thanks a lot. I'll check those out too.

          1. I would skip Antico Forno. I'd hate anyone to get the impression that that's one of Boston's best Italian options. I haven't been to Sorellina, but can't remember hearing anything but positives about it. I agree with the Coppa (more casual) and Prezza recs and would add Mamma Maria (my personal favorite for Italian). I'm not a fan of Ebaluce either; I don't get the hype, aside from the panna cotta.

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              Second this entire post.

              I've been to Sorellina and it's good but sort of the same atmosphere as Mistral, right? For Italian I think a change, whether towards more casual at Coppa or more old-country townhouse at Mamma Maria, would be nice.

              Prezza had a kitchen fire- not sure when they'll reopen.

              1. re: Beachowolfe

                Prezza seems to be targeting a Labor Day weekend re-opening.

              2. re: pollystyrene

                Those sound like great tips. Thanks a lot. I will definitely check out those other options.