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Aug 23, 2012 07:34 PM

Provel cheese

Does anyone know where I can buy a block of Provel cheese? In Manhattan or even the Outer Boroughs if necessary.

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  1. Speedy Romeo in clinton hill has the "st louie" pizza which includes provel - so someone in town must distribute it (maybe only wholesale? maybe they have a secret connection?). You could call and ask where they get their from.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Ditto that rec. Or, just go to Speedy *in person* and ask while you're enjoying the St. Louie. It was my favorite pizza on the menu.

    2. did you try any cheesemongers yet? Murrays and Beechers have a wide selection. Lucy's Whey and Saxelby may not be as big but they can probably get you something close. I havent been to it yet, but Bedford Cheese Shop is another option.

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      1. re: jester99

        For jester99 and anyone else coming into this thread without specific prior knowledge of Provel:

        its closer to velveeta than anything carried at murrays, beechers, saxelby or others . . .

      2. Try this site for mail order. Good luck.

        As a lifelong St. Louisan, I have to say, I don't absolutely hate the stuff. It melts nice on a pizza.

        1. Hey B&B, we buy our provel in the "rope" form, in 5lb bags, shipped air freight from Roma Pizza works, which is the wholesale arm of Imo's. They pack it in dry ice and it arrives the next day.

          I know Imo's sells it from their website, and ships everywhere.