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Aug 23, 2012 06:03 PM

Seattle Weekly's 100 Favorite dishes

The Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin has spent the past few months posting on the Weekly's "Voracious" Blog about 100 of her favorites in the Seattle area. It's a really great list with a lot of unexpected choices that go beyond the rote, well-worn standards like "Paseo Midnight Cuban" or "Tom Douglas Crab Cake".

For example, they included Salumi, but called out their delicious tongue sandwich instead of the porchetta or the not-even-a-real-menu-item-since-its-so-rarely-available oxtail sandwich.

Thought I'd see if the Chowhound community felt like disagreeing with any of her choices or throwing out other hidden gems that would fit this list.

The one I'm not so sure on is the pretzel from Brave Horse. Maybe I need to give it another chance, but when I had it, I remember being MUCH more impressed with the tasty mustards than the pretzel itself. (I also think Brave Horse is an over-hyped, over-priced place full of annoying Amazon folks, so maybe I have a bias... I do LOVE their Sunday fried chicken dinner, though)

Alpenland Deli on Mercer Island and Hans' Deli in Burien both make much better pretzels.

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  1. Baked Potato at the Wedgwood Broiler and the Lunar Orbiter at Sky City both made me smile.

    1. I wouldn't have included what they included from Green Leaf. I would have included the green mango salad instead. And no El Diablo???

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      1. re: PAO

        Have you had the El Diablo recently? I had it a month or so ago and it was not the same quality of what it used to be. The meringue was grainy and cloyingly sweet.

      2. Well, I can't give much truck to a reviewer who puts a dish on the list while admitting she never tasted it:

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          Hmm, that IS suspect. But I still love that something from BG is on there. I would have done the Szechuan crab or Swimming Fire Fish, though.

          I think there's some great stuff on that list--the savory Dutch baby at Tillikum Place, the curry beef humbow at Mee Sum, the oyster po'boy at Matt's, Coconut Cream Pie at Dahlia, and heck yeah do the goi cuon from Green Leaf belong there!...lots of stuff I'd like to try, too. Whether or not it's the perfect list, I like it. Good to recommend to tourists, I'd think.

          Quibbles: I do not think the Banana Cream Pie at Ma'ono is that great. Good, but not great. I also don't think the twice baked almond croissant is the best thing at Nouveau, but I know people love it.

          1. re: christy319

            Swimming Fire Fish is a great one at Bamboo, but I see where she's going by highlighting a menu item like that and the fact that unlike most Chinese restaurants that hide their more "interesting" items on a Chinese only menu, Bamboo puts it out there for people (albeit on the last page of the menu).

            1. re: christy319

              Christy, I agree with your comments for the most part, and it sure would be a handy list for tourists to get some of our top dishes on a visit.

              As for that twice baked almond croissant, I believe her recommendation of it was not that it was the best thing at Bakery Nouveau, but the best twice baked almond croissant she had had. For that accolade, I would second her vote. I usually like a plain croissant with jam, but when I go to Nouveau, I get the almond...

              1. re: christy319

                The other parts of the pig is really good.

              2. re: sweetpotater

                Come on... She specifically calls herself out for it, and Bamboo Garden is the kind of underrated place that warrants recognition for their embrace of unusual and challenging things like this.

              3. I liked a lot of the items on her list, and noted a few of them as 'must tries' that I have not had yet.

                I have not braved the Brave Horse (for reason of the annoying Amazonian's), but will second your recco of Han's Deli's Pretzels, and even better - their pretzel rolls! Worth putting on a top 100 list IMHO!

                1. Am I allowed to comment even though I've not had ANY of those dishes???? I've saved that list/article and will use it for guidance on our next Seattle visit. Thanks for sharing. Really wish I'd ordered the kale Caesar when we had lunch at Skillet Diner recently.