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Aug 23, 2012 05:19 PM

Restaurants in Oneonta, NY

Looking for a good restaurant for dinner in Oneonta, NY. We have eaten in the Autumn Cafe and it is nice for lunch as is the cafe at the Ommegang Brewery near Cooperstown. We haven't been able to find a good restaurant for dinner in the area. Any suggestions?

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    1. I used to live in Oneonta, but frankly, it's been a while so things might have changed. We used to go to Stella Luna for a "nice" dinner. There's also some wonderful places in Cooperstown like Alex and Ika (who also do a nice brunch). Whenever I go back, I swing by Brooks BBQ (which is delicious, but very casual). Christophers is decent for steak (I've had both positive and somewhat negative experiences there). A friend of mine who still lives there mentioned the Undercover Eggplant-- but I think that's more of a lunch place (I've never been). For dessert you should absolutely take a trip out to Pie in the Sky out on Rt 7. It is a little out of the way, but it has great ice cream.

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        Undercover Eggplant provides sandwiches on their own baked bread

      2. Wow, everything posted in this area (Oneonta/Cooperstown) is pretty old. Any new suggestions for good food? We are going out for the Hall of Fame ceremonies and staying in Stamford, NY. One vegetarian please.

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          I have lived in Oneonta for 6 years. In Oneonta for dinner, good choices are The Red Caboose (mostly locally sources), Toscana's (mostly Italian but with some good seafood and occasionally Asian choices), The Farmhouse (American), and The B Side Ballroom and Supper Club (eclectic and great beer and mixed drink menu; no membership necessary). All are casual, have vegetarian options, and are very consistent in terms of high quality.

          In Cooperstown - which will be very crowded this weekend - Alex and Ika has been transformed into a pretty good Mexican restaurant named Cantina de Salsa. Bocca in Cooperstown also is good. Haven't been to Toscana's in Cooperstown, but it is run by the same people who run the one in Oneonta.

          And . . . Autumn Cafe always offers 5-8 dinner specials each night; these change frequently.