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Nov 22, 2004 06:10 PM

thanksgiving weekend in carmel

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I haven't been to Carmel or Monterey in a few years and am taking my boyfriend who has never been. Can anyone please recommend a good but not overly expensive ($$$$) restaurant for dinner? Possibly with a view but definitely with a romantic atmosphere. Italian or Med with fresh seafood offerings, preferably something unique to the area. The wine list doesn't have to be too extensive, as long as it is decent.

I love Casanova but was curious if there were any other restaurants with a similar vibe/quality. After looking through previous postings, the Old Bathe House sounds like it might fit the bill. Any other suggestions? We are staying in Carmel Valley, so would prefer Carmel by the Sea but we will have a car so Pacific Grove or Monterey are fine as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It seems like the restaurants that have better food don't have as good views. Also, it's dark here at 5 so if you want dinner with a view, it needs to be early.

    There have been many posts about Passionfish and White House both in Pacific Grove but neither has a view. I haven't been to either but will be at White House on Friday. Roy's at Spanish Bay has a beautiful view and a bagpiper at sunset. The Old Bath House also has a beautiful view.

    The Blue Moon in Monterey overlooks the bay and isn't too expensive. I'll post the links here since there are 4.


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      Roy's is wonderful, but a bit pricey. The Old Bath House has early bird specials whicb include everything from appetizers to dessert included in one price. It's really very nice and the service is impeccable. Very romantic, also.

      The White House is also excellent, but no view. The price is reasonable with three courses for around $26 or so, no dessert is included in that price.

      We had lunch at Casanova in September and really enjoyed it. I think the Old Bath House would meet your needs very nicely, tho. ***kim***