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Aug 23, 2012 03:46 PM

New Haven area - Good NH pizza at weekday lunchtime?

Will be traveling through the area and want some NH style pizza. My only free time will be on a Thursday afternoon around noon.

Do NOT want Pepe's.

Any suggestions? Willing to hit Milford, West Haven, etc. as well as New Haven.


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    1. re: plien69

      + 1 Modern Apizza, State St. right off I-91.

      1. re: plien69

        -1 Modern.
        Bar, on Crown St. Good brewpub beer, too.

        1. BTW why did you NOT want Pepe's?

            1. And you weren't going to call me (yes I work...but...we're talking about pizza here)?

              Fat Sammy's in Stratford has some FG pies.


              Opens at 11 during the week. BTW, you have to give the Milford Pizza (and Mexican) place a try.


              Odd combo I know but they make some great pies. Down the street from your old fave Papa's.

              Have fun at bocce! Ball Must!