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Aug 23, 2012 02:58 PM

MN State Fair Report 2012

And so it is Day 1 of the Minnesota Great Get-Together. I haven't been to the Fair yet to report on anything, but am anxiously awaiting the reports of others. We will be there several times this year for various concerts, but probably not until next week. Top of my list for new items are the waffle de liege (which I may just park myself in front of all day, if it's good... lurve me some waffles!), bacon ice cream, and red velvet funnel cake. Sadly, very little else interested me of the new offerings. Of course we'll hit my favorites too - Dogzilla, Mouth Trap cheese curds, Fudge Puppy (the original, not the special flavors), Holy Land lemonade, and Harry Singh's for the hubster.

So what have you tried this year that you loved or hated? Can't wait to hear the reports!

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  1. Am hoping that the roasted corn prices haven't gone up too much -- am I about to find out how this year's weather affects my personal "crop"?

    1. Tried the walleye roll at Giggles. Chunks of walleye, diced celery, wild rice, chopped dill and seasonings with shredded lettuce, on buttery toast. I thought it was pretty nice. A little pricy at $8.75, but it was a generous serving. I wish they'd done a better job removing the Y bones as that makes it hard to share with small children, but, oh well.


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        Went yesterday; corn was $3, and was delicious as always.

        My favorite is always the sandwich from Turkey to Go ($6.75) - never a disappointment.

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          A commenter on Heavy Table's reviews, and I thought someone here, mentioned some peaches that were available, but I can't find the comment here, and the Fair's Food Finder doesn't list them. Anybody know where the peaches are?

          1. re: Rowdy

            Search for Produce Exchange. It's on Judson.


            Here are the search results-

            Produce Exchange
            Serving: fresh fruit - apples, pears, berries, oranges, peaches, nectarines, plums, pineapples, mangos, bananas, melons, trail mixes, energy bars and nylon bags with Produce Exchange PX logo, Smart Water, nutrient enhanced and Naked Juice, macaroon cookies, coconut water, peaches and cream, grilled peaches, orange juice,

            On the map: View on the State Fair Map (U-30) or on Google Maps

            Directions: North side of Judson east of Underwood

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                Argh. Wish I had known of the existence of the foodfinder thing. I (wrongly) assumed that if I just walked every street and avenue I'd find all the places alluded to. The Harry Singh's and crab cakes and quite a few others (I liked the sound of) I never stumbled across. Maybe I'll go back one night this week with directional info on hand.

                1. re: bishopsbitter

                  There's also an app for that. I have it on my iPhone; I don't know if it is on Android.

                  The Food Finder search is essentially the same but you can make a list of favorites and it shows them on the map.

                  1. re: ChillyDog

                    You can also make lists via Foursquare, or follow pre-made lists on a map (like the one put out by the Heavy Table -

              2. re: Rowdy

                What ChillyDog said. Also, get the giant "Sweet Dream" peach. Worth the extra buck (vs. the $2 Colorado peach). So good and guilt-free!

            1. The cannoli at Ole's Cannoli was pretty good. They fill them after you order so the shell is still nice and crispy and the filling was a good balance of amount and sweetness. We didn't have the chocolate covered one but it looked tasty. Corn was good. Got a nicely burnt ear, can't remember prices from past years to compare. The Rhubbery soda from Spring Grove was tart and sweet, just the thing to cut the grease from the french fries around the corner. Looked at the poutine but decided to pass. The beer tasting in the Agricultural hall was fun but crowded (can't imagine what it's going to be like over the weekend), and they had already run out of two of the hoppy samples and were pouring Summit Red Horizon and Surly Furious instead. As much as I like Furious, I was hoping to try something different. And the Craft Beer Bar was definitely a nice day ender. Had the Badger Hill MSB which had a nice malty hoppy balance.

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                That Rhubbery soda sounds good. Rhubarb flavor, I assume? This is inspiring me to make some rhubarb syrup this weekend.

                Question about the craft beer hall. That wasn't too crowded? It's in the Agriculture building, right? Is that where the beer flights are also? Or are we talking about too different places. We were looking forward to trying this and am hoping it's not TOO crowded.

                1. re: karykat

                  The Rhubbery is rhubarb and strawberry, although I didn't taste too much strawberry.

                  The craft beer tastings ($8 for four samples in four different styles for a total of 16 different beers if you wanted to try them all, whew), is in the Agriculture building and it was hopping on a Thursday afternoon.

                  There is a Craft Beer Bar in the Ball Park Cafe adjacent to the Food Hall that serves 15 or so craft beers, mostly locals with a couple of out-of-staters like Stone Arrogant Bastard. You can get small or large cups and I don't remember the pricing.

                  1. re: MrSlippery

                    I'm pretty sure the craft-beer space in the Agriculture building is where the Minnesota wine producers had their tastings; they've moved to a separate building at the Fair.

                    1. re: MrSlippery

                      I found it so "hop"ping that it was impossible to make headway to order anything. It was a good concept, but in far too crowded quarters. No chance to ask about the beers etc.

                    2. re: karykat

                      Thanks all for the answers about the craft beer sales.

                      Maybe we'll check the Agriculture buildling space but then figure on heading to the Ball Park Cafe if it's crazy busy.

                  2. Just go back from visit #1. I always have to start with a foot-long. Can't help it. Really liked the wall-eye roll at Giggles (watch for small bones). Definitely enough for two. Won tons at Midtown Market were tasty, but nothing unusual--actually liked the chicken dumplings better. How do they always have delicious, fresh strawberries at the Strawberries and Cream stand? (Go very light on the cream--my dh said it left "sweaters on his teeth".) The gyro from Holyland was gigantic and looked great. We had their mango juice, which needs to be cut with mineral water--too sweet. It got really hot outside, so we hopped on the bus home.