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Many years ago I was working in Woody Allen's house in NYC....He wanted a garbage disposer and asked what our experience was with them...well of course we said they are great! after all what the customer wants, he gets!!!...he then went on to say that he likes to work late at night and have a snack afterwards....but did not want to make the kitchen dirty...he said he likes to have cake and milk , but will not eat it at the table , he wants no one to know what he ate , so there is nothing to clean up in the sink....a carryover from the days he lived with his mother and father....I thought...when I was about 16 or 17 , came home on a late night, I took leftovers from the fridge and ate them over the sink........my brother is the one who had Twinkees and milk over the sink!

What do you like to eat over the sink?

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  1. Cute story, Phreddy. My brother liked to eat over the sink too but I always figured it was because a) he was in a hurry and b) did everything he could to avoid cleaning up the kitchen after himself.

    1. Garbage disposals were illegal in Manhattan until 1997.

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        V, from what I've read some older dwellings are still beholden to a no disposal ruling.

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          You are correct..I have been a licensed plumber in NYC since 1976 and have served at the NYC DOB in various capacities..Woody asked us about 7 years ago...Are you a NYc licensed plumber?

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            No, I lived across the street from the UN when the restriction was relaxed.

        2. Steamed dungeness crab. Cracked, served on a sheet pan. It's a party in the kitchen. Line up.

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              Yep. A good peach is one you need to eat over the sink!

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                It is so juicy...it runs down your hand!!!! YUMMMMMM!

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                referred to in some regions of the country as "sink peaches".

                Not to be confused with "sink maters"

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                  I rarely eat over the sink, but that one of the things I've eaten. To this day, I can't even eat a whole ripe stone fruit outside my home - say no to dripping juices.

                  I generally cut the fruit in half and enjoy.

                2. The title alone made me grin.

                  For me, it was my mother's Chess Pie. Grab a slice, carry it carefully over to the sink, eat with hands like a piece of pizza.


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                    Lucky you with the mom who made chess pie! Ever get her recipe?

                  2. I have never considered eating anything over a sink. I don't know why people do it and could be a deal breaker in a relationship.

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                      Yep. A deal breaker alright. Many years ago I dated a very handsome, wealthy, loyal, talented nutcase who insisted everyone who entered his domaine eat everything over the sink.
                      Like cattle.

                    2. Your post is a trip back in time for me .................... when my father was out of town on business, my mother would invite me to join her for a 'sinkside supper' which I thought was such a treat! We'd raid the fridge and nosh on our [leftover or highly unorthodox] treasures, chatting about all those wonderful mother-daughter things. All other nights were at the dining room table with all its attendant formality. The sink was a sweetly intimate time for us. Thanks for the memories.

                      Edit: I would be remiss if I didn't admit to continuing this tradition, even though I do not have daughters. My husband and I will share the sink as we share a summer peach, juice running down our arms. There is something cozy about our sinkside eating. I will also admit to eating in the swimming pool and once served a 'finger' supper there, but that is probably another post.

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                        Thats' so sweet....I have to admit, that I never shared the experience with anyone...When I lived at home, if my mother caught me, well, I guess she would have told me to never do such a terrible thing....as I noted, did catch my brother many times, but I never got busted...

                        And yes ocassionally I do indulge....from the fridge to the sink is about 10 feet, I open up the fridge with a fork in hand, find and open up the plate, as I make my way to the sink the target is consummed....if any is left, it does get finished over the sink.

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                          Your post just gave me such a 'warm fuzzy' moment!!! I'll be smiling all the way to Sunday.....

                        2. Bizarrely, raw string beans....I rinse and snap them right in the colander in the sink, and invariably eat half my batch. They're not messy little buggers, but they die right there.

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                            Excellent example and one that did escape me. Colander-sampling. Then, yes guilty as charged. Peas, beans, strawberries, salad fixins..u name it.

                          2. I don't think I have ever eaten anything over the sink - I guess I never even considered it as an option. Interesting (she says with a single raised eyebrow).

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                              Cute. Just for giggles I ate my coffee and toast over the sink this morning. I kept focusing on the crumbs. The standing was okay but I missed the plate.

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                                But the question is, would you do it again.

                                I will give this experience a pass. I don't mind doing dishes, there is no one else here to judge me if I have a midnight snackie and my dogs are more than happy to take care of any trace evidence.

                                1. re: NE_Elaine

                                  Nevers a long time but I like my flatware.

                            2. if you're standing up, it burns more calories.
                              that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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                                lol rudysmom....and carrot cake counts as a vegetable!

                                1. re: HillJ

                                  Oooooh, carrot cake! I would not only eat it over the sink, but also in the bath tub, in the car, on a trampoline, on a bike, and running a marathon. Except I can't do all of those things, but boy, can I ever eat carrot cake...!!!

                                    1. re: Caroline1

                                      C1, you channeling your inner Dr. Seuss?

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        I just had red beans from wednesday...over the sink...warm, with goat cheese, some parsely and some bread toasted, with butter and garlic....MMMMMMMMMMM
                                        Good stuff!

                                2. I don't like to eat over the sink, but to avoid that telltale mess from a late night snack, I open the sliders in the kitchen and step out onto the patio and eat out of doors. The crumbs and leftovers get thrown in the woods for the wildlife. The paper plates, cups and napkins go into the firepit.

                                  1. Cool story!

                                    I'm an over the sink eater. Juicy fruits, boiled peanuts, crumbly foods, etc. If I want a snack and my kitchen is all clean, to the sink I go.

                                    1. Not necessarily over the sink. I had a friend who's parents were vegetarian, and they expected their children to be vegetarian as well. He would call late at night, I would go through drive-thru or take out, then he would sneak out of the house and we would eat down the street, with him using mouthwash before he snuck back in. He got caught sneaking back in and got a LONG lecture about being careful, how STD's and unplanned parenting can ruin a young man's life. Ah, his poor parents, afraid he was sneaking out to his girlfriend's, when all he wanted was a cheeseburger once a week or so.

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                                      1. re: KaimukiMan

                                        because if they'd figured out he was eating meat, the shit REALLY would have hit the fan. LOL


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                                          That's hilarious! When I was a teen, we used mouthwash to hide the smell of a very different substance. Can't imagine having to disguise a cheeseburger!

                                        2. SURE!!! That way I'm not really eating it. ;o]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

                                          1. I seldom eat anything over the sink.


                                            1. I never heard of this in relation to hiding the snacking, nor to avoid kitchen cleanup. I do have one over-the-sink snack tradition, though. I like to bring a tomato in from the garden, rinse it, and stand over the sink with the salt shaker while eating it like an apple. The salt sticks to the damp skin (first bite - then of course you can salt onto the pulp for subsequent bites). I don't think there's anything else I eat over the sink with the exception of just-washed produce while prepping.

                                              1. I once had a book, The Joys of Pigging Out. Two maxims that I still remember: Anything eaten over the sink does not count as calories. Anything eaten frozen that is meant to be eaten thawed does not count. Stuck with me all those years.....

                                                1. I eat everything over the sink..Hate doin' the dishes.:)

                                                  1. My mother-in-law eats over the sink, regardless of what she is eating or the hour. It's strange to me because she will do this rather than sit down to eat with the rest of us. The other strange habit is that she leaves the water running most of the time while she is at the sink, which I think goes hand-in-hand with an obsession for washing (fruits out of the fridge are washed until they are room-temperature). I've asked my DH about all of this - he shrugged and told me 'that's just mama'. But all that water!!

                                                    1. tomatoes/tomato sandwiches
                                                      Indian mango/lime pickle (that turmeric is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with when it gets on the counters)
                                                      strawberries/peaches/plums, especially the riper ones

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                                                        S....agree with the fruit, but you must lean into it, because you don't want any of that juice on your shirt!