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Aug 23, 2012 01:27 PM

I need a list of good restaurants in and around Lititz,Pa.

Any type of food will do, no chains please. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Ethic food a definite. I am coming from New Orleans and you know we live to eat. Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Go to and click on Dining under the Shop/Dine tab for a listing in Lititz. A very short drive will yield Mojo asian fusion at, this restaurant has a Lititz address and is not in Lancaster. Ciro's at, is next to Lititz but again not in Lancaster city. Good luck and hope you have a great stay in Lititz!

      1. I forgot the Appalachian Brewing Co, at and A Tea Affair at :)

        1. Maison in Lancaster is great. 15-20 min away.
          Rice and Noodles Vietnamese relocated from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina so there's a connection there and it may be the best "ethnic" option around. 10-15 min away.
          If you like beer, the Bullshead in Lititz is a must. A great beer list and good food to boot. You could visit Appalachian Brewing company and do a beer tour. But Bullshead should be the anchor.
          Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz serves a great tomato pie and is convenient for a stroll thru Lititz Springs park or a visit to Wilbur Chocolate Factory.
          Pour in Lancaster for a nice beer and wine list and good charcuterie.
          Carmen and David's Creamery in Lancaster for truly great and unique flavors of ice cream.
          Martin's Preztel bakery in Akron for a snack. Buy a bag and ask for a soft pretzel if they're baking.
          The Green Dragon market in Ephrata (Fridays) and Central Market in Lancaster are unique but very different local experiences.
          Some of these require a short drive, but If you live to eat, it will be worth it.

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            We found ourselves in Lititz for lunch one day and strolled into the Tomato Pie Cafe. What a wonderful place. Fantastic salads and sandwiches, great desserts, fantastic cup of coffee.