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Aug 23, 2012 12:58 PM

We can't decide on a dimsum venue. Help!

I thought the food reviews would make it an easy decision, but it had instead confused us even more. We are in HK for only 7 days and we have 2 "openings" for dimsum. WE know we want to try Tim Ho Wan, but what should be the other? We have shortlisted dim sum options as follows:

- Lung King Heen
- Man Wah
- Fook Lam Moon
- Yan Toh Heen

Please help. *totally confused*


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  1. I was soooo tempted to add 'Ming Court' and 'The Forum' to your list to further confuse the issue!! Ha!!
    Anyways, IMHO, you will not go wrong with any of your choices!! Depending on what you order, every establishment has its hits and misses. So, you may encounter some, even at the 3* LKH!!!
    Only major difference amongst the four are the view and service. Both LKH and Man Wah offer excellent service ( by Chinese standard ) and view of the Kowloon skyline. YTH has a great view of the Hong Kong island and the harbour. Service,IMO, is a bit rough on the edge. FLM has no view and service could be inconsistent!! But, last time I ate there, the food was great.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Charles Yu = Walking Directory on HK Restaurants :-)

    2. I'll choose Lung King Heen, since it's the first Chinese restaurant in the world to garner 3 Michelin stars. But in Hongkong, you must book ahead, otherwise no table.

      1. By using a similar strategy fellow chowhounder 'Nilescable' and I adopted a couple of years ago, may be I can help you expand your '2' dim sum openings' into 3??!!
        What we did for our mini-dim sum chowmeet was to identify 2 really close-by dim sum places ( in our case One Dim Sum and Tim Ho Wan both near Prince Edward in Kowloon ), had a 'partial' lunch in one and then move on and finish the other half of our lunch in the other!
        In your case, you could do the same. First, you could choose YTH as one of your venue. As for your 2nd meet, since one of Tim Ho Wan 's branch is in the IFC, right next to the Four Seasons. Why not try out some of THW's specialty like the freshly baked B-B-Q pork buns and Har Gow first and then move on to LKH in the Four Seasons to complete your lunch date??!!
        These would give you a chance to savor quality Dim Sum at locales with views of both the Kowloon skyline ( LKH ) and the HK Harbour/Island ( YTH ) as well as 'el cheapo' Michelin quality Dim Sum at THW!

        1. I don't buy the hype over Tim Ho Wan. It serves good Dim Sum, with some on its very short menu better than others. But I suspect its popularity is really all about its price/quality ratio rather than it really being in the upper echelon of HK dim sum places. It is really, really cheap, so what you get for your money is very, very good value - perfectly acceptable for a quick lunch but is it really a destination in its own right.

          Its two branches received Michelin stars but a single star denotes "a very good restaurant in its category" - well it is good in terms of the category of really cheap dim sum, but that doesn't mean it makes the "best list".

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          1. re: PhilD

            Having tried Tim Ho Wan last year in their first location and this year in their IFC location I have to say that last year, in original location, it came up to its hype. It was very good (especially the BBQ buns) and cheap. The IFC location is a little bit more expensive and in my opinion a little less good in taste. But the BBQ buns were still so good that I will get some on my next visit to HK, even if I am not allowed to eat them anymore, as I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 3 months ago. But they are good enough that I give them a "who cares once a year".

            1. re: NilesCable

              Welcome to the club, 'Nilescable'!! Too much gluten also triggers irregular heartbeat in me!! However, like you said and IMO, there are quite a few HK specials that are worthy of the 'who cares once a year' attitude. The B-B-Q buns in both Fu Sing and THW is definitely one. Of course all those yummy 'Won-Ton Noodles' from the ' Mak's gang' is another!
              Thank God I am not allergic to 'seafood'!! Otherwise, that would be real punishment!!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I am on a complete gluten free diet for 3 months now, so no Noodles, no Pizza, no Bread, nothing containing any kind of wheat product. In the beginning it was quite a change for me, but now it gets easier to get through the day and also go to Restaurants again.

              2. re: NilesCable

                Sorry to hear about your 'gluten intolerance' issue, NilesCable. Off-topic here, but the last time I was in London and had afternoon tea at the Wintergarden, Landmark Hotel London, they had a gluten-free version:


                Thought you might want to know ;-)

                1. re: klyeoh

                  Thats good to know, thanks. I am also already thinking about how to handle it on my next trip to China and HK, as I think it will be quite difficult to find out which meals are prepared with wheat in them. As I wrote, for some things I am on a "who cares once a year" mentality, but overall I have to take care what I eat, as there is no medic if you have eaten too much, like there is for lactose intolerance.

                  1. re: NilesCable

                    Probably try and make sure the places you eat at are made aware of your dietary requirements beforehand - your hotel concierge should be able to help with the translation and over-the-phone bookings/special requests.

                    Not many 100% gluten-free options in HK, from what I can see:


            2. If you prefer traditional refined classic dim sum, then pick Fook Lam Moon. LKH and MW tends to have more modern interpretation, both are good but it is easier to book a place at MW.

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              1. re: FourSeasons

                Thank you all for your reply. I have actually managed to secure us a reservation at LKH. I figure better to get the reservation and cancel later when we've decided. :)

                Having read more, we've now decided to drop Tim Ho wan. You're right, PhilD, it's starting to look like a hype than anything else. Thanks for the confirmation :)

                So now, after LKH, the choice is between MW and FLM, although leaning more and more towards FLM. In the end, I don't think we'd go very wrong with any of these choices.

                Thank you for narrowing our choices and Charles, for even suggesting an effective strategy. We definitely speak the same language :) When it comes to eating, I wish I was a cow (cows have 4 stomaches).

                We are scheduled to be in HK in Oct and we're very excited.

                1. re: HappyTraveling

                  As per Fourseasons suggestion, go for FLM and try out their more 'traditional' offering! They also offer some great tasting roast suckling piglet and Baked stuffed crab shell!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Thank you for making this so easy for me. On my list it goes..... :) With that said, is FLM better for dinner instead of Dim Sum?

                    1. re: HappyTraveling

                      It really depends on if you want a dim sum meal or dishes. I guess if you go for lunch you can have both dim sum and some dishes as well if you can fit it in.