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Separating Eggs

You don't have to understand Chinese to understand this video. It's truly awesome!


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  1. My friends and I do that with the tapioca balls in our boba drinks when we're bored.

    1. oh man -- you whip up a meringue in half the time -- break all the eggs and once, and slurp-slurp-slurp -- neatly separated and ready to go.

      LOVE IT>

      1. Yeah, I guess it's cool enough (far from "awesome" in my book I'm not awed in the least, once they broke the egg and uncapped bottle you knew what the trick was).

        Still, it requires using at least one and maybe two additional dishes, requires a plastic bottle, and seemingly would take longer than simply separating in shell.

        Oh yeah, you have to wash bottle out first too. Thanx for the vid.

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          I always have one dish in which I am preparing the egg whites, and one dish in which I put the yolks for later use....and I pretty much always have a plastic bottle around.

        2. Sunshine, the problem with that method is what if you break one of the yolks--all your whites could be spoiled. One at a time, suck the yolk out, dump the white into your mixer bowl.

          But I will continue to use the shells--nothing extra to wash.

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            I've had a couple of yolks break into my whites over the years -- usually I can fish them back out.

            actually, I usually use my fingers to separate eggs (just pour the egg into my fingers, letting the white fall into the bowl, with the yolk cradled in my fingers -- and have for years....but I just might give this method a try.

            1. re: sunshine842

              +1. So easy.

              Tho I want to try this now too. Just afraid of a broke yolk.

              1. re: Jersey Girl227

                Try it when you're making scrambled eggs! If the yolk breaks, so what?

            2. Looks cool. I guess I will have to go get a plastic bottle and try this. Maybe a friend has a bottle I can use.

              1. Neat video. And to think, all these years I've just been using Curly's technique - at 2:05 in vid):


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                  Funny! You'll never break the yolk that way.

                2. Thanks for sharing that, roxlet. Quite interesting the way the thick albumen and apparently the chalazae, which can sometimes be a bit stubborn and hang on to the yolk, simply fell away from the yolk along with the thin albumen. I'll have to try it myself to see close up what actually takes place but your contribution did not go unappreciated.

                  1. roxlet, my young scientist son and lover of homemade french mousse is going to love this video. I've hit the forward button. tyou.

                    1. HA! Love it. The next time my daughter comes home I will make a cake and spring this on her.

                      We're a silly family. I once gave my daughter this, and it works very well:


                      1. Thanks for posting this. I missed it the first time around. Now, has anyone tried it? I feel like drinking a bottle of water just so I can be ready.

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                          1. re: roxlet

                            And, was it as cool and satisfying and the video?

                        1. I don't even eat eggs or cook with them but had to share this crazy gadget I just saw from my Quirky.com subscription. (they're another crowd sourcing development site like KickStarter)

                          From the video it looks like it actually does what it says on the tin. If nothing else I found the black and white promo vid quite cute.