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Aug 23, 2012 11:35 AM

hotel restaurants - Pere Marquette

We will soon be visiting New Orleans, and I am wondering how the restaurants rate for food/service/ambience in the Pere Marquette? The restaurant is called MiLA.
Some hotel restaurants are superb -- others overpriced and terrible, we've experienced both.

We're usually tired the first day after long flights and changing planes, so if the restaurant is good, this might be our first night stay. Or, would love a fabulous oyster house nearby.

And, one more question, if anyone knows. Is there a comparable hotel site that is similar to Chowhound?

Thanks to all.

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  1. MiLA's food is interesting, though the room itself is a bit sterile. If you don't like the looks of the place or aren't wowed by the menu, you can pop around the corner to Domenica at the Roosevelt Hotel...very good, ingredients-driven Italian. If you're seriously tired, you can get a pizza delivered from Domenica (lamb meatballs, mint, & ricotta, for example). Just across the street from the Pere Marquette is Merchant, a coffeeshop/cafe with good espresso and simple sandwiches/salads, etc.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Hungry Celeste; Thank you so much for responding. Studying menus and making reservations is making me hungry too! Really appreciate your candor. I think we'll get in in time to rest up and maybe go to K-Paul's that night, or Acme. We've got 20th anniversary reservations at Commander's Palace the next night, so wanted something more casual. thanks for your suggestions, adding them to the list. Any suggestions for the definitive New Orleans Jazz Brunch?

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        Don't be too quick to dismiss Mila. Although the ambience isn't the best, the food really is excellent. Their $20 lunch pre fixe is one of the best lunch deals in the city.

        1. re: connorboy

          Thanks very much. We usually give the hotel restaurant at last one try, sounds promising.
          I love that their menu is seasonal.

    2. I and several others here are big fans of MiLa. However, if you do want more casual dining then Dominica, or your other choices, are fine.

      Be advised that MiLa is known for cooking what is freshly available so their online menu is probably only about 1/3 current. I think their apps are outstanding

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        We want to mix some casual with some formal. We'll be at Commander's Palace the following night, so maybe MiLA is our kind of place for a first night. Nice to know there are so many choices around. We do like to dress for dinner, so not a problem here!
        Thanks for your advice.

      2. their sweetbreads over black truffle grits w/ sherry bacon jus is one of my favorite appetizers in the city.

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        1. re: kibbles

          Wow! Stop! I'm on my pre-NOLA diet! But seriously, thanks. Traveling is the time to try things I otherwise would never consider. This one sounds like a winner!

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            I second the suggestion of those fabulous sweetbreads. OMG, and the foie gras torchon. yum. DON'T MISS MiLa! We got an amuse of a nice sized portion of the zucchini wrapped halibut which was an entree. Really nice to do that, and it was so delicious. We also had a NY strip that was like tenderloin--had a good red wine sauce and came atop a divine parsley pesto. Great service and drinks, and I love the restaurant. I'm not old or blind, but I really wish they'd turn the lights up just a bit. Really good deal for the superior food, and they validate parking. Lunch is awesome!

            1. re: LHR218

              Thank you so much, we will definitely try MiLA, as we will be staying just upstairs. You're making me hungry! I just hope that NOLA is back in biz after Isaac. Our primary concern, of course, is for the good people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. If it's not a good time, we can always postpone. I hear you about lighting. I hate to whip out my keychain flashlight, but I do like to read the menu! We won't have to pay parking anywhere, as we'll walk, take streetcars and taxis. And, not to disrespect anyone's tastes or recommendations, we enjoy them all, but we no longer consume foie gras because of the cruelty factor. I supplement it by overloading on truffles!

          2. I just wanted to mention that MiLa is not really a "hotel restaurant" ... it is an independent restaurant that leases space in a hotel. One of the nice things about New Orleans is that there are so many excellent restaurants in hotels, including R'evolution, Domenica, and Cafe Adelaide, among others.

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            1. re: Gizmo56

              Thanks very much, I have been checking out menus of all of these places - so hard to decide!
              Want to try them all. Your recommendation for a great Jazz Brunch?

              1. re: Gabweb

                Atchafalaya would be my choice. More relaxed and casual than CP and the "grand dame" restaurants, great food, bloody mary bar. Be sure to place a reservation. The truly historic Blue Room (at the Roosevelt) also makes a nice (and more upscale) jazz brunch experience.

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                  only problem with the Roosevelt and Domenica is the ridiculous charge of $18 to park for lunch!!!! Most everyone else validates...wants your business...even if they are separate. Either going to find a parking place or walk/take a cab. pasta, pizza, paninis, divine meats and decadent desserts. Another tip I totally agree with is to go to the Sazarac in the late afternoon.

                  1. re: LHR218

                    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sazaracs. One in the afternoon will put me out! Good question. The first one I ever had was at The Napoleon House? If I have the name correct. It was supposedly the oldest place in New Orleans. But, I wonder, who makes the best one? When I was a newspaper reporter years ago, I had a very difficult assignment. Find the best martini in L.A. Fun homework, my photographer was my designated driver!