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Aug 23, 2012 11:04 AM

Anything REALLY GOOD around perimeter north?

The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North
7 Concourse Parkway NW
Atlanta, GA

I have a tax seminar (gack) here in a couple of weeks. I'll be with non-foodie co-workers and prefer not to drag them into downtown if I can help it. Anything noteworthy out here? If not, say so and I'll search the general "where to eat in ATL" threads.


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  1. McKendrick's is a very good steakhouse right next to Perimeter Mall. It is about the only noteworthy spot I can think of near there.

    Near Dunwoody square is Oscar's Villa Caprese. I haven't been in a while but the last time I was there, it was excellent italian.

    About it for the area that will not be chains.

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    1. re: samlev

      I was afraid of that. I don't care for steak, but I appreciate the Oscar's rec.

      So, how far would I have to branch out to find a neighborhood w/ more exciting choices? I don't get to ATL much and the only areas I'm even vaguely familiar with are Buckhead, Decatur and Virginnia Highlands. We'll be coming in via I85 from G'ville , btw. thanks again!

    2. It isn't that far to get to Heirloom Market for BBQ. Keep in mind that it's tiny. Rumi's is nearby on Roswell for Persian.

      Chequer's over by the mall does a good job despite feeling chain-y (not sure if the other members of the restaurant group look identical, but they don't bear the same name).

      I drive by there every day, and I had no idea there was a hotel back in the Concourse. We made the trek down to Buckhead the other day for lunch at Farm Burger, so I know it's pretty accessible (GA 400 toll excepted). If you go that far, it's only one exit further to Sidney Marcus and around the corner to the original Eclipse di Luna on Miami Circle. Fun with a group, though a bit loud for conversing. Those are probably the closest things in Buckhead, though it isn't much further than that to lots of other stuff.

      There's also the Willy's across the street from Concourse by Publix for cheap/casual Cal burritos. It's busy at lunch but not so in the evenings.

      I'm not sure if you need one of their brew club cards to get in, but "The Fred" bar at the Taco Mac on Roswell Rd is a kinda cool space hidden under the restaurant. Still just Taco Mac food, but a neat space to hang out and have a drink.

      And that's my collection of oddball suggestions.

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      1. re: ted

        McK also has fish,oysters et al. And a very good bar. My fax country French is la petite maison on roswell rd. Outdoor dining too. At the mall Gold Fish us very good. And on buford hwy themes Gu's Bistro. Best Chinese in city esp szechuan. And cheap

        1. re: ted

          good lord! are the options really that bad in that part of town? I appreciate the suggestions, but one of them involves a place w/ long island iced tea specials in huge font on the website.

          so, given that...if I'm coming IN to ATL on 85 around dinner time....can you suggest a neighborhood with serious food that I could get to without sitting in traffic maybe before going to the hotel?

          1. re: danna

            I had to look to try to figure out what you were referring to. I assume that was the site for the Eclipse di Luna location on Ashford Dunwoody across from the mall? It's closer to where you'll be, and I have no idea if the food is as good as the original one on Miami Circle (which doesn't advertise the drink specials on their home page). Over the years, they've definitely realized that the bar biz drives things as much as the food. That doesn't mean that the food isn't good.

            If you want somewhere good on the way into town, it's either eclectic ethnic in the Buford Hwy area, the places already mentioned, or drive further into town (Buckhead, Decatur, Westside, e.g.). Depending on what time "dinner time" is, traffic may have subsided.

            1. re: danna

              i used my droid for my post, and cant figure out how to edit using the droid,sorry for the spellings---im curious though what makes yoy think the suggestions are that bad-----Maison gets great reviews,and food is terrific,Gu's also, McKendricks would make it in NYC, Goldfish ir pretty good, but you wanted to be in Northern Perimeter,right.

              1. re: bobstripower

                bob, sorry, that reply was to ted, not you. Maison is topping my list right now. I wasn't able to figure out what you meant by "McK", i'll look it up now.

                I DO appreciate all suggestions from you guys...just not seeing quite what I was hoping for yet. In the end I may be the only one going, in which case I might just drive down to Eugene where I've been wanting to go. I'm willing to be quite flexible on when is "dinner time" if I can figure out what will help me avoid parking on the interstate.

                1. re: danna

                  OK i was confused--i meant McKendricks--if you go ask for Taco as your waiter.Petite Maison is a family operation--its authentic country French--im not a salad person but their country salad and pate are terrific--house wines are ecellent, and i usuallt go for the special--its a small place, maybe 12 tables inside, and room for maybe 10 tables outside under a canopy--so not much "din" so you can have good conversation--its on Roswlel Rd just south of where Abernathy comes in--probbaly a 10 minute drive---let us know how your meal turns out bob

                  1. re: danna

                    danna- you should've noted you wanted "high-end" dining in addition to "really good." Otherwise, my suggestions lean toward chow not fine dining.

                    1. re: ted

                      ted, I realize I failed fairly miserably to communicate what I was after, and to sound friendly in the process. sorry about that!!

                      honestly, it doesn't have to be super high-end and formal(although I am fixated on that Eugene menu), but I was hoping for something modern and creative. Something like Watershed, casual atmosphere and serious food, would have been my ultimate find.

                      As it turns out, there will be 2 people with me, so Eugene is out. Still leaning toward the french place unless something else comes to light. thanks again!

                      1. re: danna

                        Nothing close to 285/400 is jumping to mind. It isn't much of a hop into Buckhead, though. You know that the new Watershed is up and running there, right? Haven't been yet, myself.

                        We really enjoyed the food at STG Trattoria, but the service was a bit "bless their heart" to be kind and use the Southern vernacular. To go further afield, No. 246 in Decatur is similar but probably firing on all cylinders.

                        Other than that, you're looking at Midtown for The Spence, The Lawrence, JCT, et al. Cardamom Hill if you're feeling adventurous. FWIW, I do the reverse commute and you might get lucky aiming to come south closer to dinner time. Although, traffic generally seems to have gotten snarlier with most all the schools having started back up.

                        1. re: ted

                          ooohhh...I'm enjoying the menu at STG! I also found out that F&B atl is not too far. I was a big fan of Brasserie le Coze back in the last millinium. Have you been to the new iteration? any good? I never went to FAB. Google seems to think I can go straight in from the285 and the concourse on Peachtree Dunwoody. Would this be a nightmare around 7? Is 400 better despite the toll? I think I'd prefer STG just from looking at the you anticipate any more chance for traffic mayhem going to one or the other? I suspect my co-workers will wonder why we're not eating in the hotel :-(

            2. This time of year is ideal for sitting outside, so you might consider 5 Season's Brewing. They brew great beer in house and have a surprisingly good menu for what looks like a sports bar. After an all day seminar, some good beer on the patio sounds good to me! It's at Roswell Rd. and 285, just 1 exit West on 285 from your hotel (or avoid hwy and take Hammond through to Roswell and turn Left).

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                1. re: bobstripower

                  ok found it thats nowhere near Perimeter, if you go at 7 just take 400--the toll isnt that bad/BTW --i respect Teds view, but looking at Urbanspoon it only gets 77% likes-with bad marks for service--to me if your going that far, Id consider either Aria, which is off the chart good, or Priccis, for the best ossobucco In atl. Bistro Nikko is great.I left reviews on TA for Bistro and Pricci.I dont go anywhere that scores under 80

                  1. re: bobstripower

                    you're right...Aria looks fabulous. I guess I'll have a couple of hours in the car with these people to suss out their level of interest/tolerance for fancy food. ;-)

                    1. re: danna

                      id just go to the French place--no traffic,great food.low noise level, and not expensive--plus if you have some wine its close to the hotel

                      1. re: bobstripower

                        FWIW, I totally get STG not getting great reviews based on service. Our meal was s-l-o-w in arriving but the food really was good. I'm a big fan of Bocado, and IIRC some of the same folks are involved with STG. Thus our original interest in it. I did note the service issue in my original suggestion (and I don't pay attention to online review aggregators much).

                        Aria is on another level of dining from STG. Much more formal with a pricetag to match.

                        Haven't been to F&B- we liked Brasserie le Coze way back and weren't that into FAB.

                        And, yes, you can get off 285 at Peachtree Dunwoody headed N, take the first L, and be in Concourse.

                        1. re: ted

                          Thanks guys for all the help. We did go to STG and it was very good. We came in straight down 85 against traffic, and up Lenox/WestPaces. Drove right past Aria and was tempted, but thought we best not run up that much on the expense account.

                          I ate so much Wed night I'm still full Fri morning. I started w/ the pea salad, very nice mix of lady peas and others. Then also had the shrimp and calamari app w/ polenta. The shrimp was very nice and perfectly (barely) cooked. The calamari was a bit undersalted, but cooked right. I ended up w/ the rabbit taggliatelle. Tasty, very nice housemade pasta, maybe a little too free w/ the olive oil, but I tend to think all restaurant dishes are too heavy/oily, so that's expected. I tasted my co-worker's beet salad and the crust of her pizza and thought both were very good. We had a decent sangiovese for $27. Had I not been the driver and on company business, I would have taken a lot more time playing with the ipad wine list and probably ordered something more interesting.

                          Service was fine. Although we arrived at 7:15, there were very few tables taken. By the time we left, the normal tables were pretty well full, nobody much at the huge communal tables. Our server was extremely mellow in attitude/demeanor, but he did everything correctly, so no complaints.

                          In retrospect, I just didn't realize how close Buckhead was to Perimeter and how easy the drive, or I wouldn't have bothered you guys to think up stuff out there. It took us no time to get to the hotel after dinner. Thanks again!

                          1. re: danna

                            Thanks for posting. As usual Ted has good tastes 'll have to go soon