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Aug 23, 2012 10:57 AM

The Taste?

Going to be in LA for Labor day weekend. Anyone been to any of The Taste events? Love the idea of sampling some of LAs best, but wondering if it gets so crowded that it really is impossible to taste everything. Thoughts? thanks!

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  1. it's been up and down. first year was really crowded. last year not so crowded, but way too many events over way too many days. this year the lineups look great and there's a lot of great restaurants involved. looks like fun.

    1. There's also a livingsocial deal for it if that's any incentive to go. I got 2 for the Monday picnic!

      1. There are too many events all clustered together, and unfortunately, The Taste got the chop from me. I would expect things to be much better (relative to previous years) now that J. Gold is involved.

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          That's just the way they're all doing it. It's modeled exactly the same as LA Food & Wine, down to the number of vendors, day & nighttime events, and amount of food being prepared by restaurants. $50 is a decent price for bottomless food/drinks I think, especially because it's not just tacos & food trucks.