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Aug 23, 2012 10:46 AM

Dinner for 8 after private class in Denville

So some members of the family are going out and taking a baking class for my wife's birthday in Denville, and need a praiseworthy place in the area for eight of us around 9pm next Wednesday evening....

Since we will be all in casual clothing, we would prefer to be able to eat a place with great food, but not too fancy a dress code. Our plan as it stands is to try out the new Pig and the Prince in Montclair, although it looks like a 45 minute drive from Denville

Anything of note that is closer to that area would be great!

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    1. re: fourunder

      Exactly what I was going to suggest! And I bet they'd take a reservation, too.
      Plus if P&P opens this Friday, it might be a zoo next week...

      1. re: fourunder

        Exactly the reason I ask fellow chowhounds to recommend places. After about an hour of perusing the board, I didn't find this but it looks PERFECT


      2. Always worth an ask when you can't find what you need... :-)
        Let us know how it is!

        1. This ended up serving out purposes perfectly. Maybe not destination worthy from a food perspective, but a great ambiance, some really tasty comfort food, an extremely well priced wine list, and AMAZING service.

          I had to post this, as I blown away by the level of attention we received. Outside of the gracious and attentive service from our wait staff - the next day, I received a call from the manager checking on our experience and ensuring we were absolutely satisfied.

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          1. re: gwh912

            Glad to hear it was a good choice! I agree that it's tasty food but not necessarily a 'food destination'--but having grown up in that area, I can tell you that friends who still live out there are happy to have it (and Grato, it's upscale Italian sister) as an option! If nothing else, it's a nice bar area--and those are few and far between in a 5-mile radius of there.

            As for the service raves, that's really interesting (and unusual)--it's part of the Harvest Restaurant Group, and somewhere on CH there's a post I put up a while ago about the service at Huntley Tavern (possibly w/a nod to Tabor Road). At the time, I found them the point of hovering. I don't need to be 'walked through a menu' at this point in my eating life! :-) Here's hoping they've loosened up a bit, esp at TRT.

            Btw, what did you eat?!?