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Aug 23, 2012 09:03 AM

Any Thin Crust Pizza in San Ramon/Dublin/Danville Area?

Hello -
We recently moved to San Ramon from Los Angeles, and are really missing our NY Style, thin crust pizza. Hoping there is some in close proximity so we can order take out for dinner but so far haven't found it. We tried a place called "New York Pizza" in SR and it was good, but not thin the way we like it.

Any hope? Looking in San Ramon/Danville/Dublin area.


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    1. Lucky you moving to the Bay Area. We just moved from San Ramon to Orange County and are not exactly thrilled. Anyway, back to the pizza...try Gay 90's in Pleasanton or Frankie, Johnny and Luigi's in Dublin. We are originally from the east coast and those were our favorites.

      1. Sorry to disappoint, wish I had some suggestions to give you, but I have never found anything resembling New York pizza around here. Am from New York, so if you are looking for "LA style", New York Pizza, you may have more luck. Personally, I would be happy to find any decent pizza around this area. As regards the previous suggestions, my experiences have been different. I dislike Amici's(thought it was ok when it opened, but went quickly downhill) and have not even bothered to use the "free pizza coupon" they gave us. Tried Frankie, Johnny, & Luigi's once, never went back. Some of the salads from Gay Nineties are ok, but am not too thrilled with their pizza.

        So, I too, would love to find some different suggestions for this area.

        1. Haven't tried them personally but what about Tomatina in Dublin or Faz (wood-burning oven) in Danville or Pleasanton? Who's tried Blackhawk Pizzeria?

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            Melanie - Thanks for the suggestions. We used to go to Tomatina's and Blackhawk Pizzeria, a long time ago.Can't remember the details why we stopped going there, but maybe it is time to go back. Have not tried the Faz in Plesanton - used to go to the one that was in Danville, but did not like it much. Too tell you the truth, since we have not found much over here, for pizza, we usually try to pick up little Italian pizzas from the Il Fornaio in Palo Alto(near work so can bring it home) as they are the best we have found. Wish there was something more I could recommend for the OP.

            1. re: cometraveler

              Again, haven't tried any of those but wanted to toss them out for consideration. Let's keep up the hunt.

          2. If you're willing to go a little farther to Lafayette, there is Pizza Antica, which makes a Roman-style pizza. Very good, in my opinion. Thinner and crispier than Neapolitan style. Also, it's not related to Antica in Los Angeles, though there is a branch of Pizza Antica at Santa Monica Place.

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              We tried Pizza Antica and loved it. I would agree roman-style, more flat bread like but very good. Thanks!