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Aug 23, 2012 08:31 AM

Looking for great Sushi/Japanese in Fidi or Battery Park.

I'm looking for a great sushi/Japanese spot in the financial disteict or Battery Park. Would prefer not to go to the usual suspect "Nobu" in Tribeca.

I would also appreciate some recs. for two other restaurants in the area (Tribeca included) for Friday and Saturday dinners. We can't make a reservaton as we are going to the US Open tennis and do not know our ETA. Casual attire is a must. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I think the lack of replies reflects your header; there is no "great" Japanese in Battery Park or FiDi. Kaijou, at South Cove in BPC, has a great view of the water but is neighborhood-only material, at best. In your message, you seem to be willing to accept Tribeca; give Brushstroke a whirl, in that case. If you're staying in BPC, consider Inatteso (next to the Ritz) or the Danny Meyer joints in "Goldman Alley" (North End Grill or Blue Smoke). BTW, casual attire is fine at NEG; I went in shorts and didn't get the stink eye ;) .

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      Thanks. Can you recommend some good sushi in TriBeCa?

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        Are you looking for rolls or nigiri? If it's the latter, a good serious sushi bar will probably require reservations, especially on a Friday or Saturday. For example, I've had pretty good sushi meals at Sushi Azabu, but they are small and turned me away before for not having a reservation. Brushstroke mentioned above is also pretty small. Eight seats at the sushi bar, two tables according to other posters here.

        You could try Takahachi, a decent sushi place that is more "everyday."

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          Thanks so much...I actually made a reservation at Sushi Azabu for the night before we go to the open. I guess we will wing it the next two nights, not knowing our timing ..maybe go to Terrior or Blue Smoke which don't take reservations anyway.

          I made an alternative hotel reservation in midtown west (more $) and recall seeing a bunch of sushi places on west 55th, or thereabouts. Do any of these places, or others in the area stand out? My son will be with me and he has a huge appetite for sushi and Masa will therefore be out of the question.

    2. The best sushi in Tribeca is at Brushstroke sushi ( you must specify at the sushi bar with Ichimura-san) because they serve sushi at the chef's counter and tables but in the kaiseki part of the restaurant. Sushi Azabu is the second best. Takahachi is a good roll place and cooked Japanese food. Rosanjin is a kaiseki place ( great service but not the quality of Kyo Ya). Upstairs from Sushi Azabu is Greenwich Grill, a terrific restaurant. Walker's has the best hamburgers in the area. Blue Smoke has good BBQ. Norh End Grill I do not recommend, better off with Odeon or Cercle Rouge or Petit Abeille. Blau Gans has great Austrian Food. Cinque , Roc, Gigino , Acapella for Italian.
      Kori has good korean food. Flor de Sol for tapas. Wolfgang for excellent steak. All these places can be eaten at in casual dress.
      I just read your last reply. Sushi Azabu is a good choice. The restaurant upstairs from it Greenwich Grill is good too. Midtown , Hatsuhana has good sushi. Terroir isn't really a good choice for dinner IMO. Although I like their meatball sandwich. It's a wine bar. Jungsik is amazing, but not a jeans place.

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        That's Great! many thanks for the information and recommendations.