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Rome_outside seating_piazza, alley, anywhere

Hello all and thank you again for your priceless recommendations for our trip next week.

In Rome we have reserved for 3 of our 4 nights.
First night at Armando al Pantheon, then Roscioli and then Flavio al Velavevodetto. For lunch we are will be heading to Pizzarium and Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, with a possibility for porchetta in Trastevere, and the search for the perfect suppli.

We have 1 night that we have not reserved yet, and i feel like we will be missing dinning under the stars and golden hue of Rome which is something that i have really enjoyed in the past.
Could you recommend us some places that have amazing outdoor seating as well as terrific food? I would love to hear your suggestions on al fresco dinning. Our budget is around 250 euros for 4.

One of my options right now is Cul de Sac, on piazza pasquino. Would prefer somenthing grander and romantic.
Hopefully you can help! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ristorante Piperno is located in a tiny piazza. Gorgeous!

    1. Alla Regola has tables outside in a charming piazza between Largo Argentina and the Tiber. The cuisine is Ligurian. I wouldn't choose Cul de Sac for atmosphere. Vecchia Roma, Piazza Campitelli, has a lot of atmosphere. Not everybody likes it, but I have many friends who come often and always go there. Grano is good too.

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        Thanks these are gret suggestions.
        As far as Vecchia Roma, i have passed it many times and know it above all for this great article years ago in Conde Nast traveller about rome, ghost spots and the past that comes to hunts us . I have not heard anything on these boards about their food? Although like you said the piazza is beautiful and Santa Maria in Campitelli is great.

        I wonder, mbfant, if you could elaborate a bit more. Does it not come out on the CH boards because it is considered "old fashioned" these days?

        I will write all of your suggestions and in our first nights there pass by them to see the atmosphere and compare. Thanks.

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          can't elaborate. I never go there. I don't think the food is that great, but, as I said, I have friends who always go there. Don't know what they all eat. The setting is gorgeous and the food is good enough. I love the food at Piperno and, if it were my dinner, would probably go there. However, it might be closed next week. I recall Vecchia Roma being open when others were closed. Grano too should be open.

      2. I second the Piperno suggestion.

        1. Nice thread!! keep them coming.

          1. Santa Lucia -Largo Febo, 12 ( Navona Square)
            Right round the corner from Piazza Navona, but miles away in ambiance.
            Outdoor seating on an elevated terrace, under the stars. Very romantic.
            Excellent service and the food was superb!

            1. wondering whether any of the restaurants in the Piazza facing Santa Maria in Trastevere are at all worthy - it is a classic spot .

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                I used to live around the corner and tried one of their restaurants once (might have been di Marzio). It is a beautiful place at nigth with the church glowing in golden splendor.
                It can also be filled with students drinking so that migth be a turn off sometimes, (although i believe that happens later i the night)...but the confines of the restaurant seating seems to shelter pretty well.

                The restaurants there are Sabatini (heard about its quality and high prices), Di Marzio and Galeassi. Any comments on them?

                Also, has anyone heard of Osteria Meo Pattaca in Piazza dei Mercanti in Trastevere.
                I dined at La Taverna dei Marcanti across the piazza once for a birthday and although extremelly touristy, with an act and singing through a 4th floor window, it was rather charming and the people were having a great time. Any thougth on the food there?

                How about restaurants in the area to the west of Piazza Navona, in the smaller streets....only know of Osteria del gallo which is good. but the smaller square is not that interesting. I love this area at night!

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                  I really like Piazza San Ignazio as a space but have heard the single restaurant there is not good.

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                    Da Meo Patacca was always a real tourist spot. The piazza is lovely, but skip the restaurant -- unless something has changed in recent years, which I doubt. I was once dragged to the pizzeria across the piazza. The pizza was actually very good, but the place was humongous and noisy and I hated it. In that area, the best bet is probably Roma Sparita, getting a lot of nasty comments lately, and I never thought it was that great, but the piazza is gorgeous and it is a perfectly all right normal Roman trattoria-pizzeria.

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                      Thanks Maureen
                      It does seem that Meo Pattaca has always appealed to the tourist crowds, but I don't think that's always a bad thing. As a tourist myself I don't always look for the monotonous , real experiences of the residents because they after all might be a bit boring. I would hate for someone to come to NYC and try my usual lunch spots that although good they are not what I woul suggest for experience sake.
                      I think Meo Pattaca tries really hard to provide an experience, with the singers, plays, and actors in their mini show in a wonderful setting.
                      Hopefully someone here can chime in their food and their ambience.

                2. Pier Luigi. Could be a bit over budget, but it is in such a pretty square and with such excellent service and food it is worth the splurge.


                  I love cul de sac, the food is fantastic and the prices great, but the seating can be cramped. it is a more casual than romantic spot.


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                    I'll second Pierluigi, great setting, food and service!

                  2. I third Piperno
                    Enjoy! Sounds like a great trip