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Aug 23, 2012 08:07 AM

Searching for great traditional, warm Christmas dinner for a New York family

Hello hounders - will be coming to DC with our two young (3 and 5) girls, staying over Christmas. Looking for a lovely, delish Christmas meal that is historical or in some way special. Any suggestions?

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  1. What's your price point? I can't imagine anywhere more beautiful at Christmas than the Willard Hotel. They used to have a formal restaurant called The Willard Room, but it's not on the website right now. Might be worth a call. If not, their Cafe du Parc is right next door, and since it's tied to the hotel, it might be open. Then you can still get wonderful photos by the Willard's spectacular trees.

    1789 in Georgetown is lovely, delicious and historic. And a Christmas evening stroll through Georgetown would be really pretty, and full of photo ops with the little ones.

    If you are willing to leave the city, and if it's open, Gadsby's Tavern isn't necessarily known for their food, but it's definitely historic:

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      Also check with Dino to see if they are serving the traditional Italian feast of the seven fishes Christmas Day.

    2. Blue Duck Tavern isn't historical, but would be a nice meal. Watching people make their apple pies is kind of special?

      Not sure what else is open on the actual day... I am sure there is stuff, I just don't know what.

      1. Check to see if Tabard Inn (near Dupont Circle) or the Morrison Clark (on Mass. Ave downtown) are serving on Christmas. Both are in traditional, old inns with lots of charm. I've done Thanksgiving at Tabard and it was lovely.