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Aug 23, 2012 07:49 AM

Need a lunch rec for a Sunday, before Cirque du Soleil

Any suggestions for lunch before the show? We can park by the restaurant, eat then drive over and park by the show, or else park one time only and use taxis thereafter. There will be 6 adults and one young child, though the child is pretty adventurous and can manage at most places. It can be downtown or anything south of St. Clair, since we can just get back in the car afterward and head down to the event. I'm not expecting to find much near the Cirque du Soleil site. The lunch is part of a gift from my husband and I to his family members, so pricier options are fine, and appropriate for this occasion. Past meals over the years with the family have been at Rodney's, Terra, George, Celestin, Aria, Cava, Lai Wah Heen and Lai Toh Heen, C5, Joso's, Il Posto, Pangaea, to name a handful. The fact that it's Sunday makes it challenging, and thus, I throw it to chowhounders for suggestions. My husband and I don't live in Toronto, so we haven't necessarily been to all the latest and greatest restaurants on the scene. We will be coming in from our cottage specifically to have lunch and see the show with the family. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gilead Cafe is a nice casual spot and is close enough to walk if you want to (or a super quick cab ride):

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      For some reason I was under the impression that Gilead was counter service. Is it in fact a full service restaurant and will they take a reservation for 7? This lunch will include wine. Bottom line: is it nice enough to be part of our gift to the family? Plus, it looks like it's brunch only on Sundays. I'd prefer a few lunch options as well.

    2. I don't know if it meets your "nice" criteria, but there is also the Cherry Street Restaurant, which would be a very convenient location.

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        Sorry. It does not. It really needs to be more in line with say, Le Select's brunch offerings. By that I mean a) variety b) brunch AND lunch options, and c) a wine and cocktail list. The show begins at 1 pm, so we'd have to reserve for as early as 10:30 am. I'm the kind of person that would opt for oysters or a salade nicoise at a brunch place, rather than any egg or traditional brunch entree. The parents are the types that feel that wine is appropriate with all restaurant outings, no matter what the time of day (within reason, of course!). If we don't find a better choice, we will go to Le Select, but I was hoping for some place different, as that's been a Mother's Day spot for my own family 2 years in a row. Yes, it would be great if it were closer to the Cirque du Soleil tent, but it is not a high priority. A great restaurant is.

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          Well it is not so much my thing, some folks on this board like Origin at King and Church. They do brunch on Sunday and have some lunch options in addition to eggs on offer. They start service at 10 a.m. on Sat and Sun.

      2. If you're coming from the West, perhaps consider Mildred's Temple Kitchen (Liberty Village). While not super close to the venue, it is close to the Gardiner/Lake Shore so you should get to the show in no time.

        La Palette on Queen West may also be an option.

        1. Although Distillery District restaurants often get bad/mixed reviews on here, I have had some good experiences at some of them. In particular, Boiler House has a buffet -

          I haven't been myself to the buffet and maybe not the "style" you want maybe it is an option to consider since it is close by Cirque area.

          Another brunch spot in the area, again, some positive some negative reviews is Against the Grain, they have a brunch menu. nice patio, nice view of the water -

          So, that is just focussing on options around or not far from Cirque. For other outside options, where are you coming from/passing through? I guess you are coming from the north since you mentioned south of St. Clair? Might help to know which way you would be passing through for more downtown recs..