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Aug 23, 2012 07:35 AM

Hidden gems in manhattan

I'm looking for some restaurant suggestions (for both dinner and lunch) in Manhattan for my families annual Christmas outing. We are usually in the city for 3-4 days and are looking for a variety of places to try. I've been put in charge of restaurant selection this year and want to do something different than the usual Manhattan go to's (We've done the standards like Eleven Madison Park, Del Posto, The Modern, etc.)

We are a very adventurous group in general when it comes to trying new cuisines but always make sure that there are a few traditional items on the menu to keep everyone happy. We are also a large group (usually about 13-15 people) so we need to find a restaurant that can seat all of us together, at one table.

Budget is not really an issue but I'm looking for a range of pricing options.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Can you give us an example of where you've eaten in the past where both the adventurous members of your group and the people who want traditional fare were happy?

    When you talk about trying new cuisines, do you mean you are up for trying some foreign cuisine you've never tried before -- like an Ethiopian restaurant or a Austrian restaurant? If so, what haven't you tried? Or do you mean putting yourselves in the hands of a creative chef?

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      By adventurous, I mean that there are selections on the menu that are a change from the standard- like Emu, horse carpaccio or chicken cooked in a pigs bladder (things that have previously been hits with the family) or also, like you mentioned, a restaurant with a creative chef who is doing new things with food.

    2. Your group is, well, pretty huge for Manhattan. Lots of places max out at 10-12.

      Momofuku Bo Ssam prix fixe

      Ma Peche large group dining

      Maialino - nose to tail feast for up to 18, in the private room





      Resto - a variety of large format feasts

      Similar request here:

      I'd also consider doing some sort of banquet in Chinatown.

      Given that you are coming around Christmas, you're smart to be planning on the early side.