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Aug 23, 2012 07:31 AM

Koo Zee Doo tasting menu

Has anyone done the $50 5-course tasting menu at Koo Zee Doo? Would love to hear some reviews.

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  1. Was there for a wine tasting dinner a few weeks ago with a table of 9 people. While we did not get a tasting dinner as they said only for 4 maximum, we ordered at least half the menu so sampled everything. l think if you go with a table of 4-6 it would not be necessary to order it. The dishes are the same as the normal menu. As you can see my bent is as far away from prix fixe tasting menus as one can get

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      I agree. I was there with a big group (I believe 8), and I'm so glad we didn't do the tasting (we debated). For much less per person, we got to try a TON of stuff (all the portions are so big that we could literally try everything ordered).

      That said, the restaurant was amazing, and is one of my favorites I've been to in Philly.

    2. My husband and I had the tasting menu this past winter. It was fabulous. I would definitely do it again as it is a way to sample many dishes from the menu with a small group. The portions were perfect and they didn't rush us at all (which we loved). I still dream about some of courses there. Can't wait to go back! If I was with 4 or less I would DEFINITELY gt the tasting menu for great value and a way to try a few dishes.

      1. I'm confused. I heard this was a good value, yet the entrees are very expensive -- mid thirties each. Are they meant to share? If so, how many can share a dish?

        Our 7 person book club will be visiting Philadelphia next weekend and we would like to try a cuisine we can't get in Raleigh so Portuguese is attractive. But that seems way too expensive unless it is meant to share. We have several pescatarians, too. Looking for good value and good food we can't get back home. Should we consider Koo Zee Doo? Where else? We also would prefer a place where we can get reservations for a group our size. Saturday and Sunday night.

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          Nine of us ate like pigs and with a huge tip, it was $65 a head

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            The dishes are all very large, and definitely meant to share. It's really a great option for a large group.

          2. Do you have to order the tasting menu in advance?

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              As it is for stuff already on the menu, no.