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Aug 23, 2012 07:28 AM

Bar Harbor, Maine

Does anyone know what's available in terms of kosher food in Bar Harbor, Maine? I am particularly interested in the availability of hechshered bread, cheese, and meat in local supermarkets. It looks like there's a Hannaford supermarket there.

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  1. No problem with hechshered bread, Plenty under the KVH or Other reliable supervision in Hannaford's. You will not kind cheese, but might find some frozen Empire poultry.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      Bangor is not terribly far, maybe an hour, a little more. There's a shul there that might be able to help.

      1. re: bagelman01

        Plenty of hechshered Cabot cheeses around.

        1. re: PSZaas

          not at Bar Harbor Hannafords when we were there in late June

      2. I would be surprised if you found frozen Empire poultry, although it's not impossible. I agree with the other posters that you will easily find KVH (vaad of Boston) certified bread, like Freihoffers, and that you will not find cheese. You'll find the same variety of packaged goods that you'll find in any supermarket in the US, meaning that you can feed yourself pretty easily.

        Note that there's a kosher B&B in Bar Harbor, Shore Path Cottage, which is under the supervision of the rav of Bangor. The owner is a friend of my mother's; they met when my parents stayed there as guests some years ago. I've never stayed there myself, but I've eaten a very wonderful breakfast there, including some amazing granola.

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        1. re: GilaB

          I am not speaking from experience in Bar Harbor, but I've seen Empire in some far-flung places (though of course I can't remember any right to to use as an example!).

          1. re: queenscook

            What I always find amazing is that it's often easier to find frozen Empire in far flung places than it is in areas right next to highly Jewish areas (e.g., Ft. Lauderdale)

            1. re: DeisCane

              Thanks, all. We like to be able to BBQ when we travel, so we always get a cabin w/ kitchenette, and were able to do so this time too. But I can see how that B&B would be a good option too. Regarding kosher food in far-flung places, we found cheese (with a universally accepted hechsher) in Rapid City, SD a couple years ago.

              1. re: dckosher

                I guess it depends on what you mean by 'cheese.' Hard cheeses (other than tablet-K certified ones, which are not universally accepted) are hard to come by outside of stores catering to a specific kosher market, but you can find soft cheeses like chevre, ricotta, etc. pretty easily in a typical American supermarket.

                My family has vacationed in Maine (not Bar Harbor) annually for over twenty years. We bring up a cooler chest with meat and cheese, plus a couple of bottles of wine, and find everything else that we need locally.

                1. re: GilaB

                  Yes, I meant hard cheese, and no, I did not mean tablet-K.

          2. re: GilaB

            Gila, There were about 10 packages of frozen Empire poultry at Hannaford's when we were there in Late June. Being from New England, we expect lots of KVH baked goods in the Supermarkets.
            We drive up, so we stock the cooler with meats and cheese, buy milk, juice, bread, eggs and vegetables locally, as well as fish right off the boat to grill.

            1. re: bagelman01

              What kind of fresh fish can you get there? We'd love to be able to grill fish, in addition to meat.

              1. re: dckosher

                depending on the season, we've bought blues, flounder, cod, etc.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Thanks! Is there any specific place you buy fish? Do you know if there is anywhere that will fillet the fish for you? (And if they do, can you see them doing it, just so you know you're getting what you thought you're getting?)

                  1. re: dckosher

                    I usually just go down to the docks and ask the mate or captain as they are docking and offloading. The mate will usually clean and fillet for a couple of bucks. I often have my own knife in the car (with our cooking gear) and ask the mate to use it when processing our fish.