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Aug 23, 2012 07:21 AM

Birthday dinner on a budget

I need to find a place to go with some girlfriends who are on a budget. Any low key (can't do the loud hip places) restaurants where entrees are between 15-20?

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  1. First, happy birthday! Secondly, if you want some good recommendations, it would be best for you to be more specific about what you're looking for. There are loads and loads of restaurants in Manhattan with entrees between $15 and $20. What kinds of food does your group prefer, what areas of town, etc., etc.?

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      french or italian would be nice but we're open to anything. since most of them will be driving into the city, preferrably somewhere we can find parking fairly easily but not too important. maybe the west village, upper west side or chelsea?

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        You didn't say how big your group was, but how about this for a non-hip, probably non-loud place?

        My caveat is that I've been only once so far, but my girlfriend and I had a really good meal there, and in particular, the abbacchio was probably the best lamb dish I had tasted in quite a long time (maybe in years). I think you'll like the place. No guarantees on parking, though. :-


        I'll add that it really is a place with an Italian atmosphere, in that the waiters are Italian, and while I was there, there was an entire table of Italians dining there, too.

    2. I just had a wonderful meal at Caracas Arepas Bar last weekend. Very casual place, very small room but very good food and really inexpensive. And it's very close to Puddin which is a good dessert option for afterwards.

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      1. Malatesta in the WV. Cash only.

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          Yeah, Malatesta is good. It could be somewhat loud, though - like most restaurants at that price point, really.