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Aug 23, 2012 05:48 AM

Good Lobster dinner in Western MA?


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  1. After long search and many disappointments, my conclusion is:
    At home, having ordered lobsters (when on sale) steamed, and I make my own lobster rolls, one lobster, one roll.
    Wish it were otherwise!

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    1. re: BerkshireTsarina

      I'm curious if anyone has had lobster recently at Zoe's Fish & Chop House in Hadley. I heard a radio ad about how they are getting tons of Maine lobster in 4 times a week and I'm tempted to give them a try!

      1. re: caughtstars

        That's an idea. They are proficient with straightforward dishes, so they can probably steam a lobster.

        Tsarina, I don't want a lobster roll. I like the ones at the snack bar just fine.I want a whole lobster, boiled or steamed.

        1. re: magiesmom

          Just returned to Western MA from a trip to Maine.