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Last night's hound gathering Happy hour at Park East

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First, big props to jrvedivici for the thankless and usually frustrating job of organizing. He was the perfect host for the evening, making sure we were all comfortable and happy. A good time was had by all.

On to the food...

Park East was just as advertised, with drink specials and a free hot buffet, and the joint was jumpin. Jrvedivici got it right though when he said that the sushi was the best thing to eat there. We had a few interesting rolls, including a surf n turf roll that blended some meat into the mix, and a standout lobster and shrimp combo roll called a three muskateers. They have a lot of special nights at Park East and I may just go back on Monday for the free poker tournament and have some more rolls.

Don't get me wrong, Park East is not a sushi destination restaurant, and five minutes away in Keyport is much better asian cuisine, but we were all happy to spend a few hours there.

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  1. Agreed ... a nice evening meeting fellow Chowhounders. Huzzah and thanks to jrvedivici!

    On to the Asbury Park chow-crawl next week!

    1. I had a great time meeting everyone. Thanks to jrvedivici for setting it all up. Too bad I had some other things to take care of or I would have stayed longer. Hope to see everyone again soon.

      1. Same here nice to put some faces and real names to Chow handles! Nice meeting all of you and I look forward to next week. See you soon!!