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Authentic restaurants

Hi all. Hope your having a good night tonight. Are there any authentic restarants you recommend in LA especially if they serve mostly miracle foods and superfoods.

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  1. Can you provide an example of a restaurant that you know of, anywhere, that meets your criteria for an "authentic" restaurant serving the foods you are looking for (which are what exactly) and perhaps discuss a little about what makes that place "authentic" in your mind?

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      He is looking for "blue berries, tofu, beets, kale and wheat grass."


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        Can you offer any guidance on the "authentic" portion of his request?

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          But based on what I know, I suggest Jamba Juice.

    2. And perhaps explain what "miracle foods and superfoods" are? I'm assuming you're talking about foods that are high in antioxidants and such? If that's the case, the foods will less than miraculous by the time they've had butter, sugar, salt, etc, added. Might be easier to just get those specific foods at a supermarket and make yourself a snack or a meal...?

      1. Are you looking for raw food restaurants? Or macrobiotic?

        1. Perhaps M Cafe de Chaya (one on Melrose, one in Bev. Hills) is what you're looking for. Very healthy, lots of kale, quinoa, tofu, etc. choices. Tasty food; delicious salads. It is more of a lunch cafe I think than a dinner restaurant (at least the Bev Hills branch, which I'm more familiar with)

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            That sounds perfect! Thank you so very much.

          2. Thank you everyone for your replies. Hope you'are having a good night gonight. I'm sorry I wasnt clear. What I'm looking for is good restarants that arent part of a chain and with good service and that use natural ingredients that come from the earth and have life sustaining nutriets. Let me try to think of some examples. Real Food Daily in SantaMonica, Cru, Shojin, GJelina, and Real Food Daily in WestHollywood. THank you.'

            I'm sorry that i cant respond to each person individually because there are so many replies. I have reading every reply so thank you.

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              in Hermosa Beach on 2nd
              THE SPOT
              i love their super burrito.
              this is a vegetarian restaurant.

              also, i agree with Archer's recommendation of M Cafe de Chaya.
              many of the menu items there meet your criteria.
              they do serve fish there (the food is macrobiotic).
              imho, almost all of their vegetarian food is terrific.
              when they closed their culver city location i went into mourning. . . .

                  1. Thank you very much for your theads! Sorry I cannot personally reply to each and everyone of you but please assure I read each and every thread. I very much look foward to each and every resturant you wrote. Thank you specially westsidegal because I appreciate the fact that you wrote specific dishes like a super burrito (yum!)

                    I hope everyone is having a very good night tonight and a very good weekend!

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                      re: THE SPOT
                      in my opinion all of their mexican-inspired dishes are far better than are their asian-inspired dishes.

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                        I'll throw Planet Raw into the mix. Not a Vegan/Raw food person myself, but I went when they first opened several years ago and was very impressed with both flavor and presentation of all the dishes I tried

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                          Thank you very much. I do not eat only raw food but my favorite kind of food at the moment is raw food. It is just amazing what a skilled chef can do with raw food.