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Aug 22, 2012 10:16 PM

Fremont Diner - breakfast or lunch? [Sonoma]

I'm going to Fremont Diner for the first time this Saturday, and very excited about it. I haven't seen any recent reports about it though. Are there any must-get items? I can't decide whether to try to get there in time for the breakfast menu, or just wait till lunch. There are things from both menus that sound appealing to me:

breakfast: the shrimp & grits; huevos rancheros, biscuits & gravy
lunch: whole hog, fried catfish, cornbread

What's the wait like on a Saturday morning? I don't want to try to go for brunch, and then not get seated until after 12.

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    1. Go the minute they open. It fills up immediately afterwards.

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      1. re: Andrew H

        We've always gone after the lunch rush and had a choice of seats.

      2. I would pass on the fremont diner. It's just a diner. Saturday will be busy. So get up early and be there really early.

        Like I said it's just a diner with high quality ingredients. The food is not all that special. It's just diner grub.

        Just get your butt down there before they open or you will be waiting. It's a road side dump. No ambiance and high prices to boot.

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          Please let me know of other diners in the area serving equally great versions of shrimp & grits and smoked brisket hash for breakfast. I would love to try them.


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            The cooking, ingredients, and atmosphere are all the best of any diner I've been to, including other upscale diners such as Bette's and 900 Grayson. It's definitely no dump.


          2. We live in Glen Ellen, so don't get down to Carneros as often as other places closer, but we love the Fremont Diner for either breakfast or lunch.

            Favorite breakfast treats are the shrimp and grits, corn bread, biscuits, huevos rancheros. My husband loves the brisket hash and the egg breakfast. There are some new things on the menu since we were there last, so can't comment on the Chicken Fried Steak or the Hangtown Fry but I would be up for either. May have to make a trip down later in the week!

            For lunch tend to have whatever we are most in the mood for, sometimes I just want a simple salad and a decadent dessert. Love the Whole Hog and the Reuben. Great milkshakes. Fried pies, mmmhmm. My husband adores the brisket plate. Anything with beans (they use Rancho Gordo). And did I mention the cornbread?

            Also, it is just a diner the way that the Golden Gate is just a bridge.

            Even when they are crowded the wait isn't usually terrible. And, the patio is dog friendly, a real plus so Bo Diddley (the black lab rescue) gets to hang out with us.

            Early morning and mid afternoon seem like the least busy times.

            1. Well, I ended up going on Saturday. We didn't get there until 11:45am, so I felt dismal about our chances at the brunch menu, but as it turned out the wait was quite short. We were seated inside just before noon and instructed to order quickly if we wanted brunch items.

              We ordered a ton of food, mostly shared. The biscuits were quite good, though not very flakey. I enjoyed the savory version more, which had delicious sausage, cheddar, and fresh crunchy green onions. The huevos rancheros had good flavor; wish the eggs had been more softly scrambled. Breakfast french fries were an excellent rendition of french fry though not sure what made them "breakfast". Salted caramel milkshake was sucked down's in the blended/liquid-style rather than milked down ice cream, if that makes sense. One milkshake can serve two easily.

              I would definitely go back, though not owning a car makes it a bit tricky. Wish I had seen the enthusiasm for the shrimp & grits sooner! Would have gotten that.