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Aug 22, 2012 09:55 PM

pampano en papillote - where to get the best

Fellow Chowhounds:
Thanks so much for sharing your advice with me for my upcoming 20th wedding anniversary in New Orleans. Sorry i've been out of touch - surgery can really make you slow down! But we are up and ready for our trip in the fall. Hubby is in love with the idea of dining on "pampano en papillote," which I had in 1984 at Commander's Palace, and which still is one of my fondest gastronomic memories. Hubby saw it in the movie "Key Largo," and he has to have it when we are there. However, we are the recipients of a charity auction dinner at CP - wine flights and food -- chef's choice, so no telling if this dish will be on the menu. Can anyone suggest another place where it is wonderful? Thank you so much, and thanks to everyone for making our trip memorable with your suggestions. We have had so much fun exploring your favorite restaurants online, and can't wait to dig in with actual forks!
If I could figure out how to thank you all individually, I would do so, but am having some difficulty with responses to my questions.
Best regards to you all,

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  1. Last time I had it was at Galatoire's. Don't know if it's always on the menu, so you should probably call them.

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      Thank you so much! I missed Galatoire's when I was there. I have heard very differing opinions about it, but we love dressing for dinner - so tired of Los Angeles, where people show up in cutoffs and tank tops to opening night at the opera. So,Galatoire's has the history and ambience of old New Orleans, am I correct? I have also heard that it is stuffy and if you are not 'known," you are shifted to an undesirable location and sort of ignored. Kind of like eating at some trendy spot in Los Angeles and not being in "the industry." Can someone please give me the straight scoop? We have so many places to try and not enough days to try them all!
      Thanks again

    2. I recently had "Fish in a bag" at Borgne, the Besh informal seafood restaurant in the new Hyatt hotel next to the Superdome. It has been a regular menu item.

      I didn't ask for the fish's pedigree but I assume it is a fish that is more local than pampano. I can just say that it came perfectly cooked, tender and moist, lightly flavored. It was there for the fish, not for a chef's add-ons to make it good.

      There are times when you just want a well prepared quality plain old piece of fish/beef/chicken/pork/shellfish, pick one, instead two or three together..

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        Thanks, I totally agree. I think if my husband really wants pompano, we should go to Florida!
        I hear you, I'm not a big fan of mixed grill types of dishes, give me one great selection!

      2. Here's a fairly thorough article on the subject.:

        Per the above: "Pompano en papillote was created at Antoine's to honor a visiting balloonist, and the papillote does in fact swell up like a balloon during the cooking process." The article also features a demonstration by the chef at GW Fins. It might be worth a call to both Antoine's and Fins to see if either might have it on the menu during your visit. Fins menu, of course changes, daily so they may not be able to predict with any certainty.

        If worse comes to worse, the article at least contains detailed guidance for making the dish at home.