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Aug 22, 2012 08:28 PM

Looking for great restaurants that the locals love to eat during RNC ...

Looking for those restaurants, those hidden gems to go to during RNC week in Tampa...any suggestions? What is the favorite local food? there restaurants that must be on our list? We love all food...I know that is a general statement....but...looking for deliciousness!

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  1. Check these places out...

    The Refinery
    Mise en Place
    Berns Steakhouse and Sideberns
    The Columbia

    If you want to hit something unusual, the Wat Mongkolrata Temple on Sunday mornings does Thai street food, or shoot down to Shell Point Road in Ruskin, and hit the Fish House.
    The Wat Temple:
    Fish House:

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    1. Yeah, after they "upgraded" the old location the joint went to pot. I'd suggest any of the Frenchy's locations over The Hurricane now...

      Now I'm off to get my storm shutters out of my workshop, and hang them on my windows, and stow a couple of extra gallons of beer in the fridge for the storm...


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        I guess Chow does not realize The Hurricane is a real restaurant and pulled my post. Over moderate much lol?
        here is the link to the "historic seafood restaurant" on Passe a Grille Beach

    2. The original comment has been removed