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Aug 22, 2012 08:18 PM

Seaside Ryokan!!!

I once saw a variety/travel show where two wrestlers travelled to a coastal town to stay at a Ryokan with an in room bath that looked out onto the ocean. Show may have been Nippon Tabi Tabi, but can't remember...

I have been obsessed with that image ever since however, and this time around am actively seeking a Ryokan on the ocean with an in room bath looking out over the sea. Or something close to it. Food quality should be local and awesome. (which I'm sure is the nature of most seaside Ryokan)

Looking to stay on the Japan Sea side and my itinerary is pretty open right now. I will travel anywhere.

Would like to keep it in the Y30,000 - Y40,000 range but will splurge if the Ryokan is out of control good.

Would love to hear any and all of your suggestions.

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  1. I didn't end up going, but at one point I looked into going to some interesting ones on the Noto Penisula in Ishikawa-ken. I don't have specifics but the area looked enticing. I also went through research many years ago for places on Sado Island. I ended up staying at a reasonable minshuku, but again came across interesting ryokan. Sorry, I don't have specifics but those are two rather exotic areas to look into. Noto can be tied into a trip to Kanazawa and Sado can be tied into some time in Niigata City. For really good food though, your budget is probably too low.

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      Also, if you can read Japanese well enough, I strongly recommend doing the booking through either the ryokan's Japanese site or through a Japanese online booking service. I've noticed that the online booking services in English for ryokans and hotels in Japan are more expensive...Although you might need a Japanese address to do this. I can't remember if they accept foreign addresses on the Japanese ones actually...

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        Thanks for the tip! I can't read it well enough, which is where my mother comes in.

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        Yeah, I'm looking into Ishikawa Ken as well. Fukuoka, Miyajima, Kinosaki, etc. Sado island is a good one, I'll look into that as well, thanks.

        I'm going to be happy with a November snow crab menu which is I am sure what a lot of places will be serving. However, if the Ryokan is a sure bet, once in a lifetime experience I'll drop more than Y30k/Y40k. I'm just trying to keep it down as I'm travelling with other people but I think everyone's flexible.

        Another reason I'm looking for this kind of thing is that everything is booked up in Kyoto and Yamanaka for fall leaf viewing and I mostly have to work when I am in Tokyo, so I am making this my priority.

        Also, anyone know if this website is reliable?

      3. The place you are describing sounds like furofushi...

        i hope to be soakin in furofushi in 9 days if the rental car makes it that far up the coast.

        on a previous trip, i used the services of I found it to be same price as trying to book directly through a particular ryokan's website.. YMMV.

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          Thanks for this. It definitely wasn't this place but I appreciate the link!

          The place I had in mind looked more like this: