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Aug 22, 2012 06:58 PM

King Arthur Flavours.. any recs?

I'm not sure if this belongs in Home Cooking or Chains, but I'll try here! My mom and I are going in on an order for King Arthur Flour, since they have a deal where we'll only have to pay $18 for shipping. I am intrigued by some of the flavours:
especially the fiori di sicilia, and pure coffee and maple flavours.
Has anyone ordered/used any of these? Are they worth it?

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  1. I was initially intrigued by these products. Then I was turned off by the lack of ingredients lists and the presence of the words "natural" and "flavor".

    Basically, if a product is called "natural vanilla flavor", for example, there is legally no vanilla bean to be seen in its making. This only means that SOMETHING from nature was processed in the laboratory to create SOMETHING ELSE that tastes like vanilla, but isn't.

    If you're OK with that, go for it; just information, not judgement here (not this time, at least!)

    1. I have the fiori di sicilia. Haven't used it in too many things (luckily, they say it keeps indefinitely in the fridge), but have added a bit to some cookies and frosting instead of vanilla, where it gives a bit of je ne sais quois that people have liked.

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        I also like the fiori di sicilia. It makes a great addition to biscotti instead of vanilla. My usual purchases from the KA catalog are bulk yeast, different cocoas (whatever happened to the 2 lb. bucket of Schokinang cocoa that I loved?), and oddball colored sugars and flavored varigates that I can't get easily where I live. Oh yes, and rye flour and deli rye flavor. I love that stuff!

        1. re: rockycat

          I was on the fence about the fiori di sicilia when I first opened it. I use it in a sugar cookie recipe that has orange zest in it, so the combination of the vanilla and citrus extract is a nice addition to this recipe.

      2. Here is a product from them that I have used for years: non-diastatic
        malt powder. Great for bagel-making, pretzels, etc.

        1. fiori di sicilia, vietnamese cinnamon, SAF gold yeast, instant clearjel for pies, non-diastatic malt powder,
          So great!

          1. I get my SAF yeast from KA, non-diastatic malt powder that I used for making Kaiser rolls, I think their cinnamon filling is great, their mini peanut butter cups and the accompanying recipe, I bought some almond extract from the store when I was there years ago, and it is excellent, but I don't think it's the same as the one that they are currently selling. I also have non-melting confectioner's sugar, pearl sugar, as well as sparkling sugar. I also have had the Fior d'Sicilia for years, but I do not really use it. When I first got it, I used it to flavor a cake, which my son did not care for, calling it "too fruity." I used it again recently, years later, and once again, my son (who is the chief baked goods eater) said he didn't care for it.