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Aug 22, 2012 06:29 PM

New Burrito Burrito Store in Liberty Village

I just found this incredible little Burrito store in the back alley in the Old building at 171 East Liberty street
I walked past on my way to a meeting at about 12.30 today and the store was packed with people and a line up out the door.The store looked very clean and bright so I went back after my meeting at about 2.30
Store was empty than and staff was cleaning up and replenishing the food dishes
Staff was very friendly and told me a brief history of the family run store . They have another branch in Woodbridge
I ordered a regular size Steak Burritto $ 8. 50 inc tax with extra Hot sauce and fully loaded .I was offered a choice of white or wholewheat I went with white
The burritto was delicious , all the toppings were fresh and there was a generous amount of meat .The sauce makes a difference but you definattely need the hot sauce.
I sat at the one table in the front of the store and could not even finish the burrito.It was huge .I brought half home for my dinner.
A very good ,fresh and tasty lunch at a great price in a lovelly clean attractive room . I will make a point of eating here every time I am in the area

Anyone else been there yet ??????/

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  1. Great find! gotta try it! Thanks

    1. Any idea what the name of this place is??


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        I've had a couple of burritos from there as it's within spitting distance from my office. I find the burritos from this place to be pretty tasteless and lifeless. The refried beans and rice have zero flavour and the meat isn't much better.

        Things may be looking up though. Fat Bastard Burrito has taken over the old Chuck and Co. space. Sign went up last week although I have no idea when they are opening.

        1. re: Davwud

          The name is : Burrito Burrito