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Aug 22, 2012 05:59 PM

Anyone tried salami from the MeatMen?

We heard a bit about them when Knight folded, but nothing since. Any comments on their salami?


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  1. yes. at the PB Tuesday market. all I remember is that my husband said, "Not bad" which sometimes can be high praise. Husband is a Framani man.

    1. I get one nearly every week at the North Park Farmers' Market on Thursday (which is today!) I've liked each one a lot, probably my favorites are the one with fennel and the Polish dry sausage. I was a big Knight Salumi fan, and I think the Meat Men are making a pretty similar product. My only nitpick with the product would be a bit of inconsistency in the texture - some chunks seem a bit softer and not quite as dry, but the flavors are always spot on. I usually grab some good cheese from Taste Cheese at the market and a baguette and open a good beer and call it dinner.