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Great place to take my 20 something son to dinner near Griffith Park

I am coming from the Bay Area to visit my son, who recently moved to LA -- he is living near Griffith Park. We are going to dinner on Sunday night -- is there a place around there (or near enough) that has great food, great atmosphere, is hip and fun? I am not so much worried about price, but great food is important, and a wine list that maybe goes beyond California wines would be a huge plus. We love rustic italian food, tapas, asian, most anything.

Thanks so much for any advice you might have!

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  1. Wine list for you, or wine list for you and your 20 year old son?

    The answer to this question may lead to very different results.

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      1. If Silver Lake/Los Feliz area is not too far, I would recommend Canele or Cliff's Edge.

        1. Canele or Barbrix would be my recommendations. Canele has a cool neighborhood bistro vibe while Barbrix has a more hip vibe, but both serve great food and wines.

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            i'm dying to know what the difference between "cool" and "hip" is.

          2. L&E Oyster Bar in Silverlake has also been getting high praise...if you're into oysters/seafood.

              1. The food is nothing special at Alcove, as a Bay Area person you would not be impressed. Barbrix, L&E and Canele are all good suggestions. No need to go to AOC as it's not in the neighborhood and gets an older crowd anyway. Cliff's Edge might work especially since they have a nice patio which is somewhat rare in L.A. Just a bit farther in Echo Park is Red Hill, which also has good rustic-style food and a nice, although brief wine list. But given all your criteria and close to Griffith Park, I would go with Barbrix for their wine selection especially.

                1. Most of the responses provided so far are interpreting the near Griffith Park criteria very strictly. Other than AOC (which I think is the best place recommended) and Red Hill, all of the restaurants recommended are within 2.5 miles of the Park. I live in that area and like most of the restaurants recommended. However, it's not a neighborhood known for it's fine dining and most of the restaurants recommended while amongst the best the neighborhood offers are casual, neighborhood places with well-executed but not particularly exciting cuisines and wine lists. If you are open to driving around 5 miles, your options will expand greatly. That said, if staying close is important and you are fine with casual, Canele and L&E Oyster Bar are great at what they do.

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                      I missed your post. I was reading between the lines...great food is important, wine list huge plus, not so much worried about price. I was assuming the OP wanted to take her son out for a great meal that he probably couldn't afford himself yet.

                      I like a lot of restaurants in the area but for a special meal, I'm getting in the car and driving the 5-10 miles for something nicer.

                      So where did you end up eating and did you like it?

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                        We ended up at Barbrix (thanks everyone!) -- it was really perfect in terms of what we were looking for -- not fancy, but really good, high quality food, sharable plates, interesting wine list and lots of wine available by the glass. Great choice of vegetables -- roasted cauliflower, interesting salads, etc. Plus the evening was really warm and we sat outside on their patio, which was really so very nice (especially for me, from Berkeley, where it is truly rare for us to be able to eat outside at night because of the fog!). Thank you all for your terrific suggestions! I am passing this thread onto a friend who travels frequently to LA and is always looking for interesting places to go to dinner.
                        Thank you all again!! I'd be happy to return the favor if you are looking for similar places in the Berkeley/Oakland/SF area.