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Aug 22, 2012 05:12 PM

Vital Wheat Gluten + Glutinous Rice Flour?

What are the differences between them? Could I use one in place of the other?

I was looking to make those chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon, which calls for vital wheat gluten, I am all out and the place I usually go to for it has suddenly stopped carrying it. I understand I'm basically just looking for a binder of sorts so I picked up a bag of glutinous rice flour at the Korean market hoping that it might do the same?

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge? And if you think it won't work, any suggestions of what to do with this rice flour?

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  1. The two uses of 'gluten' are different. One refers to the protein gluten in wheat, which some vegetarians use as a substitute for meat protein. The other refers to a short grain rice that is sticky when cooked.

    1. Did you try substituting the glutinous rice flour? Did it work?

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        I did not try it, but from what Paulj said and from other things that I've read it doesn't seem like it would work. The glutinous rice flour isn't really glutinous at all, it's just sticky. For the chickpea cutlets you need to be able to form those gluten strands and make a dough of sorts to get the chewy texture that you want.

        What to do with this bag of glutinous rice flour now? I don't know, man.

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            Even better, the most consistent way to make mochi is in the microwave. Seriously.

            I'm a big fan of mochi wrapped around ice cream, which is pretty pricey in stores where I live now. Hmmmm, I think I have a new project...