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Aug 22, 2012 04:38 PM

Karl's Sausage Kitchen - Anyone been to the new store?

All -
Wishing the Gokeys well at their new location in Peabody!

We haven't had a chance to visit the new store in West Peabody yet, but hope that the move from the iconic Saugus location has gone smoothly.

Think they were planning on opening the new location Monday 8/20, and wondering if the move went smoothly, and if anyone has initial thoughts on the new digs....

Thanks, and hope that all is well with a Boston institution.


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  1. They made their first frankfurters today, so that's a start :)

    1. There was an article in the Globe the other day that may answer some of your questions.

      1. Got up there on the first day they re-opened. A few glitches here and there but Bob and Anita both seemed pretty pleased and the place looks great. The sign hadn't made the trip yet but I think it may be up now.

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          Surprised to see that noone has responded to this since the summer, as it always seemed popular on this board. So has anyone been since then? Mostly wondering what the Cafe is like for breafast lunch or dnner? What they serve, how it is, etc etc.

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            I think you'd get a much more satisfying meal buying stuff there and cooking them at home, but if you go to Karl's hungry or just can't leave without downing a wurst, it suffices.

            I went over the Christmas holidays. The cafe is rather small, maybe 4-5 tables and is set right at the back of the store abutting the shelves with packaged food and goods. It's not as large or comfy as I'd imagined it'd be.

            They had two beers on tap (plus a few bottles) and the menu consisted of standard German classics: different wursts with sauerkraut, spaetzle, a pretzel and altogether had maybe 10 options on offer although it's not like you can have anything in the deli cooked to order (which is sorta what I was hoping for). From what I remember, they had a selection of cakes that you could get a slice from for dessert. The focus is still very much on the deli and packaged goods here.

            I don't remember if they had a breakfast menu, the stuff I saw would be fine for lunch or dinner though.