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Aug 22, 2012 03:37 PM

Weekend Lunch in upper Westside (70's)

Looking for a good but reasonable lunch spot for a Sunday afternoon lunch in the upper 70's on the Westside.

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    1. re: Riverman500

      They both look good. thanks for the recommendations

      1. re: nycsteve

        If it is a nice day, I'd give the edge to Nice Matin for the outdoor tables and tons of windows. Salumeria Rosi is... cozier

      2. re: Riverman500

        Nice Matin has some very good food, I agree. And an excellent beer list for a place of this type

      3. Everyone's definition of reasonable is different, but my go-to's in that area are:
        Gazala Place for Middle Eastern (technically Druze)
        Saravana Bhavan for S. Indian
        Hummus Kitchen

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        1. re: jaba

          I went to that branch of Gazala's a few weeks ago with a friend and had a very disappointing, mediocre dinner, with unwarranted high prices, too. For example, there was absolutely no justification in paying extra for a lamb special that merely tasted like good home cooking (not great, amazing home cooking). I used to love that place (especially the Midtown branch), but I can't recommend the uptown branch anymore and don't like the Midtown branch as much, either.

        2. Given that a lot of places will be busy for brunch/lunch, you could consider food that most don't consider brunch. Chinese and Japanese places are often relatively empty at that time

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          1. re: plf515

            We did go to Nice Matin and we liked it. Thought the food was good, not great and prices a little high and some portions were small but everyone seemed to like sitting outside and watching the street fair taking place