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Aug 22, 2012 03:29 PM

Looking for a cheap New Orleans Supermarket!!!

Hello all
I just moved into town a few days ago, and i am looking for a cheap supermarket. I live within walking distance to a Rouses but i am looking for something cheaper. I have a car so i can drive if the cheaper places are outside of the city. I used to live in hudson county, NJ. There I could find asian or latino supermarkets that were a little on the ugly side but allowed me to wind up with a lot of produce that I would eventually have to freeze because I bought so much, ha.
Also the meat at Rouses isnt' too cheap either. Im' used to buying a bulk portion of pork or sirloin and having the butcher section it off into filets, chops, cubes, ground etc.Take home and freeze. My roomate also just moved here and he said its' because we are in the city, well in NY you can at least take a drive to the outerbourghs. Im' more of a person that grocery shops once a month and stocks up. Rouses id' leave for little things here and there. If anyone can help this poor college student out please. A 20-30 minute drive is perfectly doable. thanks!!!

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  1. There are several Walmarts. I'm not sure what area of town you live in though. I don't shop for groceries in NO but here in Houston, no one beats their prices.

    1. There's a giant Asian market on the Westbank. Hong Kong Market on Berhman Highway.

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        I agree that Hong Kong market may be the best one stop place for many things, including unusual=cheaper) cuts of meat and fresh produce. Also the farmers markets can be good if you choose wisely and have good timing.

        If you can live with lesser quality to save money it's Mr. Walton's place.

      2. Westwego has a seafood market of the Expressway. I understand their prices are pretty good guessed it seafood. There is another forum you might want to join to ask questions like these to. Here is a link:
        A bunch of nice peope that get along great and have fun.

        1. You can find some bargains at Crescent City Farmer's Market which is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's.

          CRESCENT CITY MARKET...........

          1. Best source for bulk, inexpensive meat is Restaurant Depot, Broad at Earhart Expressway. You need to have a free membership, which requires a business license or an affiliation with a nonprofit (documented). But each member gets multiple cards/bar code tags, so ask around and you might find someone willing to hook you up.

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              Two Sam's in the greater New Orleans area...meat is choice and much better than Wal Mart. You can buy in bulk and freeze.

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                Sweet, thanks guys. I actually live in mid-city. I usually leave Walmart for dry goods. Their produce section isnt' huge and i usually buy meat in bulk which i cant' do there. Think Im' going to check out the Hong Kong Market. Sounds like exactly what im' looking for. What is Mr. Walton's Place?? i cant' seem to find it looking it up online

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                    Be sure to grab a banh mi or 2 at Hong Kong. They make them along the far R wall. I like the grilled pork. Get there early.

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                      If you are in Mid City you should check out the Ideal Market on S. Broad and Palmyra St. It is a Latin market. Not a huge selection of produce but it is CHEAP and they have all the basics. $0.10 limes, $0.33 avocados, etc. Decent butcher counter, mexican and central american cheeses, beer, etc. Lots of prepared food and baked sweets too. Also probably the best selection of Tequila in the neighborhood.