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Aug 22, 2012 02:54 PM

Pin Wei in KOP

Anyone been?

My boss (who is Chinese) recommends it. He went with friends a few weeks ago. He does comment it is too hot for him, but he simply does not like his food hot.

Looking for the views of others at this stage. I will probably not make it there until well into September myself.

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  1. Are you referring to the Chinese restaurant in the Gateway Shopping Center in Wayne, PA? If so, there have been discussions about it here........... If not, where is it located?

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    1. re: cwdonald

      314C South Henderson Rd., KOP.

    2. is in the shopping center off Henderson. I believe it is where there was a Thai place a while back.

      Will have to give it a try...thanks.

      1. The kitchen needed to bring in a new "chef", was how I felt when I went there a couple of months after they opened.

        Yes, the food was spicy hot, but there was no hint of "ma". "Ma" is that tingling and numbing flavor given off by Sichuan pepper and is what differentiates Sichuan food from those of Hunan and Gueizhou, the other regional cuisines that are well-known for their spiciness.

        In addition, their noodles and rice were not properly prepared - noodles mushy and raw at the same time and rice simply too hard. The owners reacted defensively to the feedback about their noodles and rice, demonstrating their lack of concern for the food they serve.

        If you can overlook these and the standard Chinese service, you might find some of their dishes enjoyable. Boiled Fish is better than the Boiling Fish dish. The cucumber appetizer is tasty.

        According to the owners they are by blood related to Han Dynesty (wife is one of the sisters of Han's mom). However, they stressed that Pin Wei is their own project and they are not in collaboration at all with the chain stores of Han.

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          Thanks for all the info, borntolovefood! Would you say that their Boiled Fish dish is shuizhu yu? Or is that their Boiling Fish dish? I will be sure to ask them to jiama whenever I order from them. Would you say it compares rather unfavorably to the R&Z in Gateway mentioned upthread?

          1. re: mookleknuck

            Boild Fish = shuizhu yu. Boiling Fish is supposed to be an upgrade but not - it lacks clarity due to the various stuff they add to the dish.

            Personally, I prefer R&Z because owner/chef Z is interested in not only the taste of food but also the texture and visual appeal of his dishes.

            1. re: borntolovefood

              He also seems to care about how his customers receive his food and what their preferences are. I'll get the Boiled Fish then, if I ever go... Maybe there are other well-prepared dishes yet to be discovered? Thanks!