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Aug 22, 2012 01:56 PM

Popcorn Brand Recommendations for Fluffiest Popcorn

We used to use CVS's Gold Emblem popcorn in our Stir Crazy popper and it made the highest, fluffiest popcorn and every kernel popped.

Since CVS stopped making it, we have tried a few different brands and they all kind of stink.

Any recommendations on brands to try? I'm not opposed to ordering online.


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  1. For fluffy and available in most stores, there's always Orville Redenbacher's. Since you specify fluffy, I assume you want yellow corn.

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      Orville was the first thing we bought. I bought a second one from another store thinking it was a bad jar, but it isn't very good. Lots of unpopped and not as fluffy.

      I am not tied to yellow.

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        Maybe fluffy isn't the right word? It seems the same amount of other brands don't make as full a pot as the CVS. I don't know if their kernels just popped larger or what.

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          Well, if you go to a gourmet popcorn website, you'll see how many varieties there really are. I think you are confusing two different things, here: The size of the popped kernals vs. the number of kernals that pop (or don't pop).

          Different types of popcorn are different sizes. Rice popcorn, for example, is very small and pops into tiny, delicate little puffs. It would not fill your popper very well! Super hybrid yellow popcorn, on the other hand, pops into giant poufs that will easily fill it up. And so on...there are all types, colors, and sizes of popcorn!

          Three things to consider:

          Freshness/quality: This is what will most determine whether most/all of the kernals will actually pop.

          Texture: Some types of popcorn are more fluffy; almost cottony. Others are more crispy, and some are even crunchy. Your popping method will also affect the texture.

          Flavor: Different types of popcorn taste different from one another. Some popcorns have a more distinctive "corny" flavor than others.

          You will have to experiment. This is also one food where price isn't relevant. My current favorite is the store brand at a local grocery store chain. It is a medium grain white popcorn that pops extremely well and has great flavor and crunch.

          Also, I believe there are other threads on chowhound about popcorn -

          Happy popping!!

      2. Paragon. or the folks who sell the whirly pop.

        1. Pop Weaver Large Kernel produces the largest and fluffiest popcorn you can buy. This is concession stand grade popcorn used because it fills containers using less product while having a superior appearance (bigger must be better).

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