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Aug 22, 2012 01:56 PM

Best choice for Irish Pub Food dinner - downtown or south boston

Meeting friends and son for dinner next week - they would like to go Irish Pub!

can anyone give me a solid rec? Needs to be well prepared, not gourmet (lol) -
but atmosphere would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. My fav Irish Pub downtown (and one of the most authentic Irish pubs in Boston) is Mr. Dooley's on Broad Street. There is always sessiun music, and the staples (fish and chips, shepherd's pie, beef stew, bangers and mashed) are perfectly prepared.

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    1. re: Small Plates

      Mr. Dooley's seems to be a cut above in all respects. It's not a drinking place like the Brendan Behan in JP.

      1. re: lergnom

        BB doesn't serve food though ... At least the last time I was there.

        And if it's drink you want... do a Dot Ave crawl.

    2. Shenanigans on Broadway, South Boston was very good. Tha Banshee on Dorchester Ave., Dorchester is good and close to South Boston.

      1. The Druid in Inman is my favorite Irish pub, but its in Cambridge... Not far from Downtown The Tavern at the End of the World in Charlestown has very good food and an above average beer selection.

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          The Druid is my hands-down favorite Irish pub - even better than Mr. D's. If the OP were to expand to Cambridge, then The Druid would be the call. Mikey is a fantastic proprietor!! The food is excellent! My fav is the bangers and mashed with beans.

          1. re: Small Plates

            Totally agree with all that has been said on the Druid. The fish and chips is the best in town.

        2. Hmm - the DRUID seems to have a few there parking near it?

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          1. re: few

            Not really (outside of street parking which can be difficult, but possible). There are multiple major bus lines that go right past it though and it is a short walk from the central red line.

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              Actually, that's not true - there is a municipal lot right next to Ole on Springfield Street - about a 1-minute walk from the Druid. And you don't even need quarters - there is the machine that accepts credit cards, cash and coin.


              Druid website:

              1. re: Small Plates

                Ah. If that's the one I'm thinking of I always assumed it was associated w/ Ole

                1. re: jgg13

                  It's such a great lot - I don't think we've ever been shut out of a space - there's always one left ... now you know!! :)

                  1. re: Small Plates

                    yeah just looked at the satellite view. not that i drive, but good to know - as i said, i always figured it was ole customer parking. That might be why it is never full :)

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                      AWESOME! That will be a big help!