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Aug 22, 2012 01:52 PM

Korean BIbimbop in Miami?

I recent trip to Napa and a meal at the Morimoto there has made me crave the Bibimbap. It was outstanding at Morimoto. Where could I find this in Miami?

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  1. Shilla behind the Mall of the Americas off Flagler & the Palmetto Expressway. I don't like it as much as Gabose in FTL but it'll satisfy the craving.

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      So, would you say that Gabose is the best Bi Bim Bop if one was willing to expand the search area beyond only Miami?

      1. re: BigBonesBradley

        There's not a ton of choices I'm aware of and the only ones I've been to recently are Gabose and Shilla (and I've actually not had bibimbap at any of them, though I know it's on the menu at both). From my experiences at both, I prefer Gabose to Shilla.

        I have not tried Soo Woo or Yuki Hana in Doral or Myung Ga in Weston. There's apparently also a newer place out west on Flagler called Seoul Garden which I've also not tried.

        At Bloom in Wynwood, they did a take on bibimbap that was decent - real hot stone bowl, nice crusty rice, though I wasn't completely convinced about the bulgogi duck meat. Not sure it's still on the menu though.

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          I had it at Bloom also and liked it. I asked the waiter to leave the bowl without touching for at maybe ten minutes while we ate other dishes so rice got crusty before stirring in egg. They have an excellent homemade hot sauce there also, you must ask for it, not on tables. I had a version at Pubbelly but bowl wasn't hot enough for crust to form.

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            Frod: Grace is very impressed with your coverage of the bipimbap scene - you know more than an actual Miami-based Korean! PS: she made partner at MRTH this month!

            1. re: non sequitur

              Big fan of Korean food, so I'm always on the lookout. Congrats to Grace!

              1. re: Frodnesor

                For those willing to venture to West Broward, there are now two new Korean restaurants just across the street from Gabose. They are literally a few doors away from each other, which is surprising.

                Manna - 4966 N University Dr
                Lauderhill, FL 33319

                R.O.K. - 4954 N University Dr
                Lauderhill, FL 33319

                I have not been to either, yet. Both have around 30 reviews on yelp and the feedback seems positive.

                1. re: johnmlinn

                  Thanks for sharing those John, I'll have to put them in the queue!

            2. re: Frodnesor

              I've only been to Seoul Garden once, a couple of months ago. It's Korean/Nicaraguan -- I tried a couple of dishes from the Korean menu, including bibimbap. The food was not very good (and I love Korean food).

              It's been 1 1/2 - 2 years since I visited Yuki Hana. Food there was better than at Seoul Garden, but just barely ok. If you are dying for Korean and have no other options, it would be passable.

              I've heard good things about Shilla (although, come to think of it, that might have been from Chowhound!). Still haven't been there yet.

              1. re: racer x

                Shilla's been a round for years and is good enough.

        2. For those curious "WTH is Bibimbop"... here's a quick explanation from the NY Times: "A large serving of rice placed in the center of a hot bowl. The rice is surrounded with hot and cold seasoned vegetables, small amounts of meat and sauce and topped with an egg, and the entire thing is eventually stirred together by eager diners."

          I last enjoyed it at Mandoo Bar in Koreatown in NYC this past December. Quite a treat! Two photos attached, one before mixing, one after.

          (If you've ever wandered down 32nd St, Mandoo is the place with the ladies making dumplings (mandoo) in the window).

          1. There was a little Korean place in a warehouse near the Margulies Collection a few years ago, dont know if it is still there. The BiBim Bop was great.

            1. On a Korea-related note...

              NYC Foodies go on and on about Korean Fried Chicken.

              I've never had it, but it sounds great.

              For example, here's a tempting DIY recipe from Kenji:

              But, if I don't want to make myself, anywhere to get in South Florida? (Ideally Palm Beach Country, but other spots would be fine for future reference).


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              1. re: CFByrne

                KFC is awesome! I still love southern fried chicken but KFC is up there as well. In NYC's Momofuku they've got a fried chicken dinner where they serve both!

                But back to KFC in S. Florida, I haven't had it there but Sakaya Kitchen does it.

                ETA: I just found my Sakaya post. I didn't order the KFC but tried the samples they offered outside. I found that it wasn't quite the same as the KFC I've had in NYC as the crust was on the heavier side. The main point with KFC is that it has a very light battered crust.