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Aug 22, 2012 01:43 PM

Family friendly places to eat near Four Seasons Hotel?

I will be staying at the Four Seasons (is Rittenhouse better?) this weekend with my two young kids (under 5). Are there any restaurants you recommend that is within walking distance of the hotel? Any thoughts on the Fountain restaurant?

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  1. You will be fine in the Swann Lounge.

    Walking distance.. (depending on how far you can walk with your two children.. especially if one is in a stroller.. ). I would say... Parc is a good option.. Rittenhouse Square.. you can sit outside or inside. Marathon Grill at 19th and Market is straight forward and kid friendly. About a four block walk from the hotel. Serafina is a chain upscale italian place near Rittenhouse that might suffice too. These are not all the best restaurants in the area but rather ones that have a menu that might appeal to children and ambience that could accommodate them.

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      Also: for breakfast or brunch, Sabrina's -- about 3 blocks up 18th St.
      Continental at 18th & Chestnut is also good for kids at lunch (not dinner).

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        I agree that Parc is great and to take the trek to Reading Terminal Market for breakfast or lunch on Saturday. You could even take Phlash (aka the tourist trolley) that has a stop right outside the Four Seasons and it's a safe five minute ride to the Market. Also near Parc is Pietro's for decent family friendly pizza.

        cwdonald...Serafina? Was that a misprint? My meal there could have possibly been the worst thing I've ever eaten in my life (including fast food chains). And it's not cheap either! I am sure that the management there (if there is indeed any) would be upset that strollers are taking up valuable space anyway, not that there is much of that between the tables anyway....people are always complaining about being bumped into.

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          I hear you about Serafina.. though I have friends who like it. They also have a children's menu, so it seems reaonable that they would be accepting of children.

      2. Thank you! I will look into those restaurants. I really appreciate it.