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Aug 22, 2012 01:30 PM

Tonkotsu Ramen in Clairemont

Ramen Yamadaya, a four restaurant group out of LA, has opened a new place in the Diane Shopping Center just a few doors down from Little Sheep.

Tonkotsu style is the result of cooking down pork bones for some 20 hours to produce a creamy, hyper-porky broth that is memorable. I've never had Tonkotsu before and this one just set me back on my heels. Spectacular, dense, very rich with what I thought were quite nice straight ramen noodles. I know some of you are quite knowledgeable in Asian cuisines so I thought I'd let you know this is around in case you hadn't heard already. The place itself is a bit of a shoestring production with no A/C but has outside seating and if it's crowded there's a self-sign waiting list out front. Also, it's closed between 3pm and 5pm. Really good stuff!

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  1. I agree. Their ramen is pretty solid. Broth is rich and creamy.
    I also like that they offer the Mentaiko Bowl, which we couldn't find here in San Diego before.
    So excited that there are more variety in ramen now in San Diego.

    1. Thank you so much for the rec. I'd never heard of this style (hadn't really known much about noodles other than udon) and found it amazing. Broth was very thick and creamy, I couldn't finish it. Noodles were a bit al dente for lack of a better word.

      They still don't have their liquor licence but there is a liquor store right next door for carry-out beer and spirits, if so desired. Sit outside on the patio, the inside was very warm.

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        Pleasure to be helpful. All-in-all it's a spectacular bowl of good stuff, my wife and I consider ourselves very lucky to have it a five minute walk away.