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Aug 22, 2012 01:23 PM

Mendocino...what's good?

We'll be spending 4 nights in Mendo and looking for good dinner spots in the area. Are there any recommendations which are Chow-worthy?

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  1. In Mendo itself, I can't think of one. A bit north in Ft bragg there are some good options.

    Piaci makes good pizza and has a great beer list.
    Los Gallitos may not look like much, but they are serving up good Mexican food and a very reasonable price.
    The Harvest Market in Ft Bragg is about twice the size of the one in Mendo and has a decent Deli and hot food station.

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      Silver at the Wharf (down at Noyo Harbor) is quite good as well. I've eaten at all of the above recently and can vouch for them having held up.

    2. I get out there once a year and have always been pleased with The Little River Inn, a few miles south of Mendocino. In town I am partial to Dick's Bar but that is just for decent beer.

      1. Curious if St. Orre's down in Gualala is still worth the drive?

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          Yes, St. Orres is worth the drive. Such a lovely setting and we enjoy the food. They also have a license for a full bar now.

        2. Uneda Eat in Point Arena has creative small plates. Their hours vary, so call before you make the drive down.

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            Is Petite Rive in Little River still alive and well?

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              To my knowledge, it is neither alive or well. It moved down the road to the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek and abruptly went out of business on December 30, 2010 leaving those with New Year’s reservations in the lurch. I got a letter from the owners of the inn stating that the restaurant just closed and left without any warning, which put the inn owners in a fix. The following summer the inn was sold, possibly as a result of this fiasco.

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                What a mess and a sad ending to a place that got many rave reviews. Thanks for the info anyway, BN1.